March 27, 2016

ULPD works to keep Belknap Blvd. safe

uofl campus crime

By Olivia Krauth & Kyeland Jackson–

After Belknap Boulevard saw its first criminal incident over break, U of L Police are working to avoid future incidents in the area.

The road, which opened last year, connects Third Street to main campus. It allows access to Speed School and the future Belknap Research Park once it is built.

“As the area grows, you’ll see more and more traffic which will help with more people,” ULPD Assistant Chief of Police Kenny Brown said, adding the area is currently patrolled “pretty heavily.”

“The roadway is very well lit,” Brown said. “It may look very dark, but ROTC uses it for their training. You’ll see them early in the morning using it.”

A U of L employee said he was robbed in the area March 16. He said he was punched in the face after two men drew a revolver and demanded money from him. U of L crime logs list the case as still open.

“It looked like a crime of opportunity,” Brown said. “Any time we have incidents where we see a spike, we want to review and see what we can do to stop a growing trend, right now.”

While ULPD is calling the incident isolated, Brown has some tips to stay safe in the area. If you are driving and see something, keep driving. When walking, walk in pairs. In both situations, call ULPD if you see anything suspicious.

“We’d much rather get to the area and report nothing than to report a crime after,” Brown said.

Additionally, ULPD Chief of Police Wayne Hall said some of the lighting in the area is being replaced with brighter options.

“I think that will help,” Hall said. “We haven’t had any cars broken into or any robberies over there, but in regards to increasing energy and safety it’ll help.”


To report suspicious activity or a crime, call ULPD at 502-852-6111.

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