By Eiman Zuberi–

Fun fact: 93 percent of Americans have eaten pizza in the last month. Whether it be for lunch, dinner or even breakfast, pizza is an American favorite. If you’re craving a hot, cheesy pie, then you’re in luck because Louisville is not short on pizza places.

1.DiOrio’s Pizza And Pub* (919 Baxter Ave.)

Their goal is to serve an “outstanding product at a fair price.” With fresh ingredients, a full bar and a five star rating on Yelp, it’s easy to say that if you haven’t already, you need to try DiOrio’s.

“After 20 years of consuming pies in Louisville, I haven’t had a pizza like DiOrio’s,” said junior Samad Buridi.

2. Coals Artisan Pizza* (3730 Frankfort Ave.)

A fairly new pizza place, Coals quickly gained the love of many Louisvillians for their coal-fired pizza and Louisville neighborhood-themed menu.

“If you want real pizza, it’s the only place to go,” said junior Mitch Motley.

3. Pizza Donisi* (1396 S. Second St.)

For any U of L student, Pizza Donisi is a must. Not only is it located close to campus, it also has a large menu with ideal pricing for a college kid on a budget.

“Pizza Donisi is my absolute favorite pizza spot in The Ville. The chef creates a gourmet special every week that is killer. My favorite is the roast beef and Hungarian sweet pepper,” said senior Victoria Allen.

4. Impellizzeri’s Pizza* (110 W. Main St.)

Have you heard of a “Louisville-style” pizza? It’s pizza with two layers of toppings and two layers of cheese. And you can find it at Impellizzeri’s.

“I like the place because it is very conveniently located on Main Street right outside the Yum! Center. Their pepperoni pizza is my favorite because of the sweet sauce they use and the amount of cheese they put on their pizzas,” said freshman Micah Brown.

5. Danny Mac’s Pizza* (1567 S. Shelby St.)

It’s easy to say laidback, casual dining often turns out to be the best kind of dining experience. Danny Mac’s is no exception, with an easygoing atmosphere and generous portions pizza.

“It’s locally owned and they give you fat slices made with love and care,” said senior Josh Ferreri.

6. Blaze Pizza (13317 Shelbyville Rd.)

Blaze strives to make hot, delicious pizza in 180 seconds. You can even customize your pizza any way you like, for the same price.

“It’s like Subway for pizza,” said Evan Oberhausen, junior.

7. The Post* (1045 Goss Avenue)

Located conveniently close to campus, The Post is the college hotspot for New York style pizza. Because it’s so crowded, however, the wait can be a bit long.

“The atmosphere is really cool and the pizza never disappoints,” said junior Lily Pope.

8. Mellow Mushroom (1023 Bardstown Rd.)

Mellow Mushroom has a groovy vibe going with fun decorations and paintings. And the pizza? It’s amazing. But again, you better arrive with plenty of time because their pizzas take time to make.

“I like Mellow Mushroom because their pizza has unique taste. Their pizza is unlike that of a regular delivery place in terms quality and presentation. You could order anything and it’s guaranteed to taste great,” said  junior George Wise.

9. Garage Bar* (700 E. Market St.)

If you want to feel like a true Louisville native, Garage Bar is just the place to hang out. One of it’s coolest aspects it that it is in an old auto repair shop, which takes the vibe to a whole another level.

“The atmosphere is classic Nulu. I love the pizza there because it’s simple yet high quality. What’s better than pairing a good pizza with a good local beer?” said senior Thalia Silab.

10. Wick’s* (975 Baxter Ave.)

Located in the Highlands, Wick’s serves pizza loaded with cheese and toppings. Students say the leftovers taste great reheated.

“Oddly enough, the crust is one of my favorite parts of a pizza, and Wick’s makes theirs thicker than most places. They load plenty of toppings on them as well,” said freshman Parker Whalen

11. Papa John’s* (2336 S. Floyd St.)

The Louisville-based chain is not bad pizza but far from the best. The only reason it’s making the list is because U of L students can use their meal plan to purchase it.

12. Little Caesar’s (3121 S. S St.)

The pizzas are five bucks, which is ideal for a college kid on a budget.