By Jacqueline Kelly– 

If seeing teddy bears and pink and red boxes of chocolate makes you cringe at your plans (or lack thereof) for Feb. 14, maybe you should reconsider your perception of Valentine’s Day. Love doesn’t have to take romantic meaning. You can easily spend the day with anyone you care about—friends included.

Valentine’s Day Brunch

Brunch is inarguably the best meal of the day. What other meal makes it acceptable to indulge in both pastries and savory foods? The only thing that could make it better is having the people you love around. If you’re going for a cozy breakfast feast at home, everyone should contribute a dish or two. Or, you could always dine at favorites like iHop or Waffle House. Eggs Over Frankfort is a great local option.

Movie Night

Don’t, I repeat, don’t torture yourself with a marathon of cheesy romantic comedies on Valentine’s Day. If you must, at least make it a group event. This way your thoughts are less likely to slip into self-pitying territory.

Treat Making and Sharing

Chocolate and flowers are a classic when it comes to Valentine’s Day. This year, forget the prepackaged candies and go for homemade treats like chocolate covered strawberries. Not only do you still get to indulge in V-day sweets, but it’s also a fun way to spend quality time with friends.

Coffee Date

Spending time with the people you love doesn’t have to be pricey or extravagant. Something simple like a coffee date would suffice. The mellow setting of most coffee shops makes for a laid-back get together and easy conversation.