By Emily Curtsinger–

The University of Louisville Alumni Association Director has been placed on leave after being accused of misusing tax money at a previous job, first reported by WAVE 3.

Before working at U of L, Deborah Dietzler was reported for using tax money for personal use and skipping work without leave while working at the University of Georgia.

According to U of L spokesman, John Karman, the university had no idea about the allegations against Dietzler. Karman says she now is on leave as the school attempts to find out if she was doing the same thing while working at U of L.

According to a UGA audit, Dietzler was found using taxpayer-funded money for personal trips to run marathons in Washington D.C., Chicago and Monterey, California. Auditors say after signing up for the races, Dietzler would “request her staff to set up meetings or events in the area” in order to be reimbursed by the university for airfare and sometimes even the hotel.

She also routinely would not show up to work and not record leave.

“Sometimes I wouldn’t see Debbie in the office for one or two weeks,” says Scott Kinney, Dietzler’s assistant at UGA.

Dietzler was also found violating university policy by spending twice the amount allowed for hotel stays and then lying on expense reports.

After recording Dietzler’s activities, UGA’s Auditing Division allegedly gave its findings to the university’s Fraud Committee, in January 2014, and recommended her contract not be renewed.

Despite the concerns, she continued working at UGA and eventually found a new job at U of L.

According to Dietzler’s lawyer, Andrew Coffman, UGA never told Dietzler about its findings, so she never had a chance to defend herself.

“Having never received a copy of any of these allegations, Ms. Dietzler had no opportunity to defend herself against them or the incorrect characterization of the facts,” Coffman wrote in a statement. “Ms. Dietzler strongly denies any suggestion or claim that she intentionally violated any rule or policy at UGA.”

On Monday, Dietzler’s husband said she has no comment on what happened at UGA or U of L.