By Aaron Hartley–

Scrolling down a Facebook update list this week, it’s difficult to not find someone who is vocal about keeping Syrian refugees out of the country. In light of crisis, people like to point fingers, but in doing so, they forget the basic tenants of humanity.

Earlier this semester, I wrote a piece on Islamophobia, and how the country needs to deal with the issue. Fear of refugees is in the same vein.

Some governors announced they would “not be accepting” Syrian refugees for the purpose of keeping their state “safe.” This is nothing more than shameful, advantageous, politically-motivated fear and hate-mongering.

If our politicians, and millions of people across the country, used even a shred of empathy, knew anything about the humanitarian crisis in Syria, or even the rigorous and thorough, multi-year process it takes to relocate refugees here, opinions would be very different. These are real people with real families in real need of shelter and assistance, and it’s the United States’ job, as a developed nation, to help them.

People are on edge after several terror attacks in major cities across the world, but that should increase the solidarity of every human being and not draw us to point fingers. The suspects of the attacks perpetuated in Paris last week weren’t even Syrian refugees; most were from Europe and had European passports.

If people took a little bit of time to think for themselves, and not listen to the blaring headlines or their fear-mongering leaders, they would notice that all the hate that’s been spewed into blogs and Facebook comment sections are completely misguided. When you actively work to dehumanize an entire group of people, you’re not only working against the progress of civilization, but letting the terrorists win. Have some empathy and humanity, and if we formed a little bit of solidarity, despite our differences in culture or religion, only then could we face the real problems that plague this world and move forward.

Cartoon by Maddie Weiner / The Louisville Cardinal