October 8, 2015

Former recruit backs book’s claims

By Sam Draut–

JaQuan Lyle, currently a freshman at Ohio State University, backed up claims made by Katina Powell in a recently published book “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen.”

Lyle was recruited by Louisville and committed to the Cardinals in the summer of 2013, but ended up switching his commitment to Oregon a few weeks later and finally landed at Ohio State.

According to CBS Sports, Lyle spoke to NCAA investigators this week and confirmed “the gist of allegations” during his visit to Louisville in June 2013.

In the book, Powell outlines Lyle’s recruiting trip and her involvement by bringing four escorts for him.

Allegedly, former Director of Basketball Operations Andre McGee set up the escort service for Lyle and other visiting recruits.

McGee’s attorney, Scott Cox, said in a written statement that the interview should have been confidential and should not have been leaked.

“Who is the source of this information? What does the ‘gist’ mean? This is going to be a long criminal and NCAA investigation. We’re not going to comment on every rumor,” Cox said.

On Thursday afternoon, U of L President James Ramsey met with the Board of Trustees and handed out a statement on the basketball allegations.

In the written statement, Ramsey said the investigation of the allegations may take time and the university must continue to work to move forward.

“As was stated last week, when we learned of the allegations toward our men’s basketball team, we immediately hired Chuck Smrt of the Compliance Group to undertake a complete and thorough investigation of the alleged misconduct.  Chuck advised us that we should also report these allegations to the NCAA so they could join our investigation,” Ramsey said.

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