Say goodbye to opening Safari and Googling, “What to do in Louisville this weekend.”

Apart of the DoStuff network, Do502 is Louisville specific, and even better, college specific with the best free events Louisville has to offer.

The website design pays tribute to cats in outer space with, of course, a backdrop of the Louisville skyline. By making a profile, you can save, share or make lists of events that you’re going to, interested in or maybe just want to look into at a later date.

The app includes the same information as their website but is tailored for easy navigation and has new features like Map View, the Discover tab and a redesigned profile which allows a user to follow their favorite artists or those “Sluggers,” who just always seem to be in-the-know.

Not only is the DoStuff app great in Louisville, but it’s used in 16 other cities like Nashville, Chicago and Indianapolis—all of which are just a car drive away.

Owner of the app, Jeffery Smith said, “It’s definitely not for the over 50 crowd.”

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