September 27, 2015

Lamar Jackson settled quarterback debate—for now

By Leo Cumberland–

After Louisville’s 45-3 victory over Samford, Head Coach Bobby Petrino said Lamar Jackson would be the quarterback moving forward.

The freshman walked off the field on Saturday night putting together one of the more impressive performances for a quarterback in program history.

Jackson set a new school record with 184 yards rushing from the quarterback position. He had a season long run for 73 yards and added two rushing touchdowns from 13 and 14 yards.

“He just has explosiveness. You see it on the field and in practice. You saw it in the first game of the year,” Petrino said. “He’s real explosive, and he can go the distance when he gets the opportunity.”

When he wasn’t using his speed and athleticism on the ground, Jackson completed 15 of 22 passes for 212 yards and a touchdown.

Petrino used the second half to work on Jackson’s passing ability and timing with receivers.  With a strong arm, Jackson has the potential to become an effective passer.

“It’s a combination of having better protection, being more precise with our routes and our timing with the quarterback. He missed a couple tonight simply by not taking the correct drop,” Petrino said. “The second half is going to help us a little bit, because I felt like we did improve with our timing and decision making.”

Former starting quarterback Reggie Bonnafon appeared in the backfield alongside of Jackson throughout the game.

Bonnafon had six carries for 26 yards and also had a 13 yard reception out of the backfield.

With two great athletes in the backfield, Petrino likes how much faster the offense gets with the designed packages.

“I do like Reggie being on the field. I think Reggie can really help us,” Petrino said. “Between the two of them, when they are on the field together, we’re a faster football team. Reggie can certainly run with the ball.”

Jackson likes have Bonnafon beside him in the backfield.

“I think a lot of defenses will be scared. With me and him, two quarterbacks, they won’t know what’s going to happen,” Jackson said.


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