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It seems like crimes on campus are rising with the temperatures this spring. Three Rave alerts have been sent since March 15, causing some to consider the possibility of a new crime wave around campus. U of L Police Department’s David James rejected the idea of a crime wave because he said the three incidents are unconnected.

The first alert was sent out March 15. According to the alert, an armed robbery allegedly occurred around 5 a.m. in the blue lot at Third Street and Brandeis Avenue. The suspect fled the scene, and no arrests have been made.

The second alert reported the alleged robbery and abduction of two females, one a U of L student, from The Bellamy’s parking garage around 2 a.m. Wednesday. According to the alert, neither victim suffered injuries. James confirmed three suspects were arrested and investigation is ongoing.

Craig Haughton, manager at The Bellamy, said the victims knew their alleged attackers. He said “there was a reason those people were following them,” although he could not explain further due to the ongoing investigation.

“They followed them in, and they all left together,” Haughton explained. “They all came together and left together. They were on the property and gone in less than 20 minutes.”

Jerron Roberson, junior health and sports science major, has lived at The Bellamy for two years and felt safe during that time. Despite the recent incident, he continues to feel safe there.

“It’s not too often that a robbery occurs here,” he said.

Sophomore Alex Haddix also said she feels safe at The Bellamy, except for in the parking garage.

“The parking garage on the other hand, is quite scary,” Haddix said. “It’s an older building and could easily be accessed by someone who is not a resident if they climbed through the side facing the main road. Other than that minuscule fact, I feel very safe at the Bellamy.”

Haughton said he just spoke to a resident who was “surprised” about the incident because they “never felt unsafe.”

“Unlike the other affiliated properties, all of our (security) measures are proactive,” said Haughton. Monitoring systems in every apartment and police officers stationed at the entry gate and patrolling the property are some of the ways The Bellamy prevents crime. 

Students at other affiliated housing options report feeling safe, as well.

“I feel fairly safe at The Grove, especially with the security gates they’ve installed at the beginning of the semester,” sophomore Diana Lalata said. “I still don’t feel safe enough to walk around the area by myself at night, but at least I don’t have the fear of someone breaking into my apartment anymore.”

The third alert of break came out Friday afternoon. According to the initial report, a home invasion had occurred at the 400 block of Reg Smith Circle, in the university’s Family Scholar House. James said later the four black males initially labeled as suspects were simply in a fight at a friend’s residence at the Family Scholar House. 

A follow-up alert was not issued. U of L spokesman John Drees said there is not a procedure for clarifying Rave alerts, adding they do clarify when “they feel like they alarmed the campus.”

Despite the false alarm, the Rave alert caused some students to flash back to September when a student was led from near the Family Scholar House to Fifth and Hill Streets, eventually being stabbed. The location is also blocks away from Lee Street, which saw a string of assaults and robberies in September.

Sophomore Matt Powers, who lives on Lee Street, feels safe in his Old Louisville residence. 

“It is just like anywhere else,” he said. “You just need to pay attention to where you are and what time it is when you go anywhere.”

News editor Adeline Wilson contributed to this article.

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