Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

A new year, new ‘spiritual’ you


Samantha Schaefer


Each day, the world is changing, creating a new world of its own, but this shift in time was not an end to humanity as we thought it might be, instead it was a shift in consciousness. Some call this period in time “The Age of Spiritual Enlightenment.” As we now reach 2015, this change will be extremely paramount to our existence on Earth and our evolution as a species. Involvement in this human ascendance not only provides personal reward, but also personal advantage.


Though the Age of Enlightenment or “Age of Reason” we learn about in most of our textbooks refers to the mid-18th century, it was also an age of “Scientific Revolution” when Western Europe emphasized reason and facts, rather than traditional establishments. This period was very important and involved the acceptance of different religions, philosophy and scientific research. Today’s period of Enlightenment is far less materialistic and interpersonal, and far more individualistic and introspective.  One might start to comprehend this new way of learning by first understanding the 18th century enlightenment, and then apply that philosophy to our new philosophy, parallel to what is going on globally today.


Spirituality is the process of transforming the self, increasingly oriented on subjective experience and personal growth, independent from any specific religious or cultural context. The great thing about spirituality is that it is for everyone, no matter what background you come from or what religion you belong to. It can begin from something as simple as this year’s new-year resolution to something as complex as helping the poor. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi stated over one-hundred years ago. The ideas of self-improvement and conscious shift are nothing new to us, but the act of actually beginning to do so in mass quantities yields improvement.


If you are new to spirituality, I can give you some suggestions to point you in the right direction. When you conquer your inner-issues, you can begin to take on the world. I recommend research and communication with those who inspire you and surrounding yourself with individuals who push you to do your best, rather than bringing you down to your lowest. I also recommend eating healthy so that your body can function according to your mind’s needs. Sometimes letting go of the negative aspects of our lives is the hardest thing to do, but this action will grant you wishes far more valuable than gold itself: the gift of peace and harmony, and the ability to spread these gifts with the rest of the world.


“The Yusa Guide to Balance” is a great director to those seeking counsel toward a higher consciousness. The book reviews metaphysical perspective, The Universal Law of Attraction, meditation, the ego, and much more. Another great kick-start to your road to spirituality would be to start practicing yoga. Yoga literally means “union of the self with the world”. With lessons available Monday through Thursday, yoga is taught in the Health Promotion Office here on campus. This practice sprouted from Hindu philosophy, promoting liberation from the material world and recognition of the self. Overall it teaches persistence, patience, self-healing, and of course, good health.

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