by Grace Flaherty


If you love a college student, forego the Black Friday rush and opt for these gifts instead, this holiday season.

Students, just print this list and slide it in your grandma’s line of sight this Thanksgiving weekend.


1. Netflix Subscriptions

We begin the list with every college kids dream: a whole year of free Netflix. Imagine not having to constantly ask your friends for their Netflix Passwords, or never again having to hijack your roommate’s account. With an individual subscription, you can binge-watch a whole season of How I Met Your Mother” with no one to judge your recently watched list.

2. Google Chromecast

If you haven’t heard already, Chromecast is basically a magic flash drive.  You plug it into your TV to project anything from your computer, tablet or even phone screen right onto your TV. Combined with that Netflix account, a college kid can only imagine the possibilities.

3. Cell Phone Power Brick

It always seems that your phone dies at the absolute worst time, but with a power brick, that should no longer be an issue. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. You will never have to be stranded without Instagram again.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Nobody enjoys awkward silences, and sometimes sticking your phone in a Solo cup just doesn’t cut it. This is where a Bluetooth speaker can help you avoid all of those uncomfortable situations. Whether its just in your room or over your entire apartment these speakers have quiet a range in volume. They connect to any device with Bluetooth capabilities allowing you to listen to your tunes almost anywhere.

5. Study Abroad Money

They say money can’t buy happiness, but they obviously never studied abroad. The number five pick on the list is money for your future trips abroad. Your great aunt will never know if you put it towards a plane ticket or a bottle of wine in Italy–all she needs to know is that it went toward some great memories.

6. Fitness Tracker Bracelet

Don’t let the word “bracelet” throw you off, these bad boys are for everybody. There are many varieties in a range of prices to choose from. They can track your sleep or your steps, monitor your heart rate and look stylish. And they might just be that extra motivation you needed to visit the SRC and work off that turkey weight.

7. Monthly Box Subscriptions

This is a rather new trend, but who doesn’t enjoy getting packages every month? There are all different types of boxes, ranging from Birchbox’s beauty box, Whimseybox’s DIY box, Tea Sparrow’s tea box, Club W’s wine box, or even the “BroBox.”  Each package comes filled with goodies to get you through the month.

8. Season Tickets

One of the best gifts you can give to a college kid is a free pass into every home game. U of L students are already granted access to home games in most sports, but men’s basketball and football require tickets. You are assured to receive pictures of your college kid decked out in their red and black on game day if you purchase this sport fan’s Christmas gift.

9. Keurig

College is full of daily cycles of caffeine and naps. To fuel this process, students can spend major time and money at Tulip Tree, but you can put a stop to it right now. A Keurig allows students to make whatever kind of caffeine they need, whether it be coffee or tea in a matter of minutes, which means all that extra time they saved can be put towards a nap.

10. Headphones

It may seem like we are ending the list with an odd present, but headphones are one of the few items most college students use on a daily basis. Whether it’s walking to class, working out, or studying in the library, headphones are usually essential. You can decide to get them one nice pair or just multiple cheaper pairs because we all know backpacks eat headphones.