The Ville Grill student dining hall received a C rating from the Louisville Department of Public Health and Wellness

The grade from the department is a failing score in the Kentucky State Food Code. It indicates that the Ville Grill has failed to meet minimum requirements of the Kentucky State Food Code.

While some students were disgusted when they heard about the C health rating that the Ville Grill acquired, most were not surprised.

“Their dishes can be so dirty sometimes,” said sophomore chemical engineering major Jasmine Richardson. “I’ll sometimes pick up a spoon and it would feel sticky. I take a cup of hot water and stick my silverware in it and even rinse out my cup with hot water. I still eat there because I was hungry.”

“It grosses me out because it takes meal swipes, but at the same time, I used to work in a restaurant, so I know how that works,” said Michaela Crutcher, a junior psychology major.  “A lot of times, it has to deal with things that you don’t even realize affect a score.

U of L dining services said their dish machine had a malfunction during the inspection, but is now being repaired. They also ensured students that if at any time there was a lack of clean dishes they would switch to disposable ones.

When reached for comment, Sodexo did not respond.

“I’m appalled. I enjoy the food there, but now that I know it might be dirty I’m having second thoughts,” said sophomore chemical engineering major Zita Ackah.

The department will return to do a follow-up inspection and the new rating will be placed once the inspection is complete.