October 22, 2014

SGA Update: 2015-2016 budget in progress

SGA update

The SGA Senate met on Tuesday evening for the first time in nearly a month.  Since the last meeting on Sept. 30, each council president proposed a budget for the 2015 to 2016 school year to the SGA appropriations committee.

A majority of the schools asked for an increase in their budget for the upcoming school year.

The School of Music edited their budget proposal after their initial meeting with the appropriations committee. Jonathan Gentry, school of music president, had hoped to expand the budget to provide a coffee station and outdoor seating to the college. However, the cost of these initiatives was not feasible with their proposed budget.

“We had some concerns,” said Benjamin Leamon, appropriations committee chair, of the school of music’s budget.

Their new proposal, asking for $900 in the upcoming school year instead of the $200 received last year, was approved by the committee. Instead of coffee and seating, the School of Music will focus their funds on student awards and better communication with students.

Besides school councils, other items on the budget include projects and programming, travel funds and tuition remission in varying amounts for students in SGA, ELSB and SAB.

The appropriations committee shared their budget plan for the upcoming year with the SGA Senate at Tuesday night’s meeting. The senators will read, discuss and debate the budget plan before the final vote, which will occur by the end of the fall semester.


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