August 25, 2014

SGA kicks off school year with retreat, first meeting

By Jacob M. Abrahamson

The Muhammad Ali Center played host to the annual Student Government Association retreat on Saturday.  SGA members took part in constitutionally-mandated ethics and diversity training, as well as the first meetings of the year.

The ethics seminar was led by the Asst. Dean of Students, Dr. Angela Taylor, and the diversity training was led by Tierney Bates, the Director of the U of L Cultural Center.

“We’re a very encompassing community,” said Bates, speaking about diversity.  “I want you to think about that.

In addition to these activities, the retreat served as a kick-off to the school year for SGA.  The Executive Board, comprised of the presidents of all colleges, and the Student Senate each held their first meetings.

During the meetings, various appointments and the hiring of staff were approved by the senate.  These appointments included the Appropriations committee, who handles all SGA budgets, the Development board, who assess Senate pay and handle discipline, and the Academic Policy Committee.

In addition to these committees, the Safety Committee, Governing Document Revision Committee, and a Student Ticketing Panel were created by the Senate.

SGA also discussed the goals and plans for the upcoming academic year.  “One of our biggest priorities is the SAC East Renovations,” said Student Body President Monali Haldankar.  SGA gained approval to renovate the space into meeting spaces last spring, and construction is set to begin this year.

Haldankar also wanted students to know that SGA was there for them.  “I think that they should know that there is always somebody at SGA who will advocate for what they need.”

Check back at The Louisville Cardinal for SGA updates throughout the year.


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