As U of L students progress in their college careers, they grow accustomed to construction around campus With every new school year comes new projects and the continuation of ongoing ones, and this year is no exception. Whether it is the demolition of the Floyd Street silos or construction of the greatest soccer stadium in the ACC, construction is everywhere.

The 22 silos are believed to be 90 years old and have been described as an eyesore by some and a beloved landmark by others.

Whatever your opinion of them, they are coming down.

Demolition began July 31 and is expected to be completed by late October. The University of Louisville Foundation purchased the property in December 2013 and is planning to use it as additional parking for football games.

Students on Fourth Street near the SRC will also notice the addition of a bike lane in each direction, along with a resurfacing of the road. Also, the speed limit has been reduced due to pedestrian traffic and high collision rates.

Along with new additions to the University made every year, some projects involve the renovation of existing buildings. The Speed Art Museum has been closed for construction since October 2012 and is expected to open in 2016. The $50 million renovation will replace a portion of the museum with a 45,000 square foot North Building. This new building will have a restaurant, a gift shop and a multifunctional space for dinners and events.