March 2, 2014

U of L students set out to help the homeless

By Karlie Griffith–

Students of The Gathering Campus ministry opened their hearts and hands to help the homeless community of the Kentuckiana area. After nearly two months of planning, students packed 100 bags with food, water and ways to stay warm to hand out to the homeless.

U of L students teamed up with students from Georgetown College to hand out the donations in Clarksville, Ind. this past Saturday. U of L sophomore Jocelyn Church originally came up with the idea.

“It was a blessing straight from God,” said Church. “This whole thing was a blessing from God and I am so humbled that decided to use me as a tool in His kingdom work.”

The bags made by the students of The Gathering were meant to be more than just helping the homeless survive a few more days of this cold weather. They were meant to show them love and to demonstrate how the community came together to help those in need.

The students of The Gathering are already planning ways to further help the homeless population and to expand their outreach ministry. Anyone who has a passion for serving the needy is welcome to join forces with The Gathering.

Photo by Karlie Griffith / The Louisville Cardinal


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