February 19, 2014

CEHD dean finalist talks community engagement

By Kaylee Ratliff– 

Larry Daniel, one of four finalists for the next College of Education and Human Development dean, held an open forum for faculty members of the college to present his ideas for the University of Louisville.

He proposed that with community engagement, embracing diversity, globalization, donor cultivation and alternate methods of delivery, the CEHD will prosper.

“There are some great things that this college can have in its future,” said Daniel.

Daniel’s ideas on community engagement include that of reaching out and being a force for Louisville as a city. He suggests there should be more students participating in field based work and making it relevant to the community.

“I am a huge advocate of moving a lot of our academic programs out into the community,” said Daniel.

Embracing diversity, Daniel said it is “a very important part of what I think makes a strong CEHD.” He suggests the profession and college would be a force in helping to make education and other professions better. He presented statistics that show Louisville alone has a higher diversity rate with 26 percent opposed to the state of Kentucky as a whole, which has 11 percent diversity.

“What would your students say about you? In general, what would your faculty members say about you?” asked a faculty member. Daniel explained that he has an open door policy. He is available and takes the time to understand the needs of the faculty.

Daniel shared his appreciation for U of L due to aspects where we are “doing well.” He praised our strong enrollments, talented faculty, excellent rapport with community and alumni recognition and our 200 years of excellence.

To learn more about the other CEHD dean candidates, check out our cheat sheet at Louisvillecardinal.com.

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