January 29, 2014

Study Abroad Fair: Your Passport to the world


U of L students piled into the Red Barn for the Study Abroad Fair this past Wednesday. Inside there were at least a dozen booths for students to browse through to learn more about this unique and interesting program that the university has to offer.

While sipping and nibbling on the free refreshments, students were given the opportunity to meet representatives from various study abroad programs that coordinate through the University.  These representatives were there to inform students just how possible and affordable going abroad can be.

Last year, over 850 U of L students were given the chance to study abroad. 801 of these students were able to earn credit hours to go towards their degree. With the exception of the countries on the travel warning list as well as the North Pole and Antarctica, students have the opportunity of traveling almost anywhere in the world. As the Study Abroad Fair’s flyer says, “What’s your excuse?”

“Most people use some kind of financial aid when they study abroad,” said Associate Director of the International Center, Virginia Hosono. ”One of the things we do is coordinate with the financial aid department. Any money you are offered to go to U of L, you can put towards your study abroad tuition. That’s any scholarship money.”

If you did not get a chance to make it to the Study Abroad fair this year, no worries. The International Center, located on the first floor of Brodschi Hall, welcomes walk-ins Wednesdays and Fridays or any time by scheduled appointment. While there, the Center’s advisers will take students through the entire study abroad process. They will help students with picking a country, making sure their credits line up and even inform them about various scholarships they can apply for.

For more information, check out their website at Louisville.edu/studyabroad or give them a call at (502) 852-0374.

Photos by Sasha Perez/Louisville Cardinal

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