Just a week after formal spring fraternity rush, a new fraternity has arrived on U of L’s campus. The Delta Tau Delta fraternity has begun meeting with potential new founding fathers and members in hopes of ultimately forming a chapter here at U of L.

Better known nationally as the Delts, the 133-chapter fraternity values truth, courage, faith and power. Their philanthropy work benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, focusing on finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

Robbie Erickson, the project lead for the expansion at U of L, says that the fraternity’s mission statement is “Committed to Lives of Excellence.” “Excellence is not something that can be accomplished, rather it is something to aim for in everything we do,” Erickson explained.

The Delts are looking to offer something unique to men at U of L, saying that Delta Tau Delta is not the “stereotypical ‘frat’ experience.”

“If there is someone who has tried Greek life but has not found what they are looking for, or if someone has never even thought of the idea of Greek life, then we offer an exciting opportunity to start something in their own image,” said Erickson. “When we talk about starting something new, we are really looking to challenge that negative stereotype and to do something positive for the entire Louisville community.”

Val Servino, junior public health major and the first founding father of the fraternity, agrees with Erickson. “It is my hope that the U of L Delts can create a safe space for all students, regardless of their identity or affiliation. Greek life is often seen as an opportunity only for the straight white and cis-gendered. I would like to change that perception.”

Servino looks forward to founding the fraternity, saying, “It is great leadership experience and the guys I spoke to seemed cool.” In his eyes, he has two sets of responsibilities in his role as founding father: technical and big picture.

“Technically, to meet set requirements so that the U of L colony of Delta Tau Delta can become an official fraternity chapter. Big picture, I would say to be a role model and embody Delt values,” said Servino.

When asked why bring the fraternity to Louisville, Erickson responded, “It is a great time to be a Cardinal! Between the victories on and off the court and the amazing student population, Louisville is the place to be in the state of Kentucky. We have a rich history in the state of Kentucky including an award-winning chapter at Morehead State, a great group of men at Western Kentucky, and a storied and historical chapter in Lexington, not to mention the current and past governor of Kentucky who are Delts. We are honored to be adding yet another amazing group at a fantastic school like U of L.”

The fraternity will be meeting potential new members in the SAC  for the next month. A formal new member ceremony will take place on Feb. 14, followed by officer training.

The Delts’ expansion process has just begun, according to Erickson. “Our goal is to meet with as many people as possible in the four weeks we are on campus and when it is done we have a colony of the best and brightest students and leaders. We are giving men the opportunity to leave a legacy and start something new; something that they will be able to look back on twenty years from now and see how far its come. Following expansion, one consultant stays with the new colony and trains the men in areas such as operations, finances, and values based education.

“It really is like starting a brand new business. This is an entrepreneurial opportunity for those who would be inclined to such things.  The consultant makes sure that these men are ready to begin running a fraternity.”

For more information on Delta Tau Delta, visit their website at Delts.org or talk to them at their table in the SAC.


Photo by Olivia Krauth/Louisville Cardinal