By Natalie Moser—

The University of Louisville’s  Twenty-first Annual Faculty Gala Concert was an evening of rich culture. The gala was featured at the Comstock Music Hall on campus, which made it a centralized location for students and music enthusiasts from the general public.

The mood was set for the evening of Sept. 6 with a profound performance played by professors Craig Wagner on the guitar and Mike Tracy on the tenor saxophone. Their performance flowed with smooth melodic tones and full harmonies.

As the evening proceeded, the audience was treated to powerful piano pieces and talents from the bassoon, oboe, violin, drums, along with numerous types of horns. At one point, there was even a performance on the organ.

U of L’s faculty showcased many diverse styles of music, which intrigued the audience throughout the evening with their quick increases in tempo, bouncy rhythms, and smooth ear-pleasing notes.

Witnessing this musical talent led sophomore music student Jake Daniel to reveal that “Dror Byron was my favorite; his music says what words can’t.”