Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Underachiever Awards: What you missed while you weren’t in class

Pimpmobile assists in thefts on campus

To continue the ongoing string of robberies near and on campus, another robbery occurred on Valentine’s Day last week. The victim was not a U of L student, but the crime still occurred alarmingly close to residence halls, right on 4th Street. The victim reported that the two men approached him with guns and escaped in a Black Escalade with a license plate that read “PIMP.”


60-year-old slaps 19-month-old on plane

Joe Hundley, 60, was sitting in a row with 19-month-old Jonah and his mother Jessica Bennett. The child who was upset by the pressure in his ears was crying on the plane. Hundley, using racially discriminatory language, told Jessica Bennett to make her child be silent. Hundley, who was inebriated, will be pleading not guilty according to his attorney.


Hernia turns out to be a real baby

Forty-four-year-old, Linda Ackley, went to the hospital for what she thought was a hernia. Her hernia turned out to be an unknown pregnancy for Ackley. The bigger shock was probably the fact that the baby weighed a whopping 10 pounds. Neither parent knew that Ackley was pregnant so there was little preparation for the child. After an emergency C-section, the Ackley’s, of Michigan, welcomed their new daughter Kimberly Kay.

Elderly citizens get a little inappropriate

An elderly couple of Atlanta, Ga. was caught having sex in a parking lot. It was midday when the couple was caught in a restaurant parking lot. The officer reportedly gave the couple a high five followed by a ticket.

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