January 15, 2013

In the news: What you missed while you were in class

Footage of a 10-foot long giant squid was caught deep in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan.

Former U of L football player sues 

Patrick Grant, former Cardinals defensive lineman, filed a lawsuit against U of L and coach Charlie Strong with the claim that he was made to cover up a beating he received by two former teammates in the locker room. He said that two years ago his teammates attacked him in the locker room of Papa John’s Stadium and on his way to the hospital the team’s trainer told him to lie about how he got his injuries. The lawsuit, which calls for the return of Grant’s athletic scholarship as well as compensatory damages, was filed on Dec. 21 in Jefferson Circuit Court, and U of L has not yet responded to the claims.

Giant squid captured on film

Scientists and television broadcasters released footage of a 10-foot-long giant squid. While pictures have been taken of the once-mythical giant squids before, this is the first video of the squid in its natural habitat, deep in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan. Only a few minutes of the video were released on Jan. 9, but the scientists managed to film the squid for 23 minutes and more will be shown on a Discovery Channel special later in the month.

Google chairman visits North Korea

In an unofficial four-day visit that ended Thursday, Google’s executive Chairman Eric E. Schmidt and former Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico toured North Korea. The visit sparked criticism throughout the U.S., with many saying the men only served to add to North Korea’s propaganda campaign. North Korea has an internet infrastructure that is mainly accessible only through the government and military. Schmidt said the reason for the tour was to encourage North Korea to take steps towards a free and open internet. Richardson said that the most successful part of the trip involved talks on technology but did not provide specifics.

Governor approves U of L agency bonds 

After deep cuts to Kentucky’s General Fund over the past three biennial budget sessions, Kentucky’s universities have turned to the authorization of agency bonds for additional funding. On Jan. 10, Gov. Steve Beshear announced a plan to approve the issuance of $9.6 million dollars in agency bonds by U of L. The bond revenue is designated for renovations to the Student Activity Center. [email protected] Photo courtesy Discovery Channel

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Photo courtesy Discovery Channel

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