January 31, 2013

The Netflix Condition: 4 most addicting TV shows

By Anna Meany–

Netflix allows users to watch unlimited TV shows and movies online without commercial interruption — a recipe for a very lazy day.

The phenomenon of Netflix has everyone … lazy. Unfortunately, this innovation has left movie lovers of all ages with no motivation to leave the couch. You should have no shame wasting your day in pajamas, eating junk food, watching Netflix. There’s room for good television in your life – especially if it only costs around $10 a month! But don’t make a habit of becoming a vegetable every day.

I think I told everyone that I sat and watched Netflix during my Christmas vacation – and that’s okay every now and then. So, for the days spent absent-mindedly, choose your selections wisely; these shows are among the most addicting, yet well-written and high quality programs for your personal enjoyment.

‘Downton Abbey’

“Downton Abbey” is the most recent Netflix obsession, which follows the lives of the British Crawley family living in early 20th century England. Gawker.com calls it “every Jane Austen novel happening at once.” The show begins in England right after one of the most devastating events in global history – the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic – which has created the framing of the show.

If Netflix users aren’t attracted to the family’s drama, they’re probably interested in the older British architecture that fills each scene – some of it is over 100 years old! Between earls and counts and ladies and British accents, this show exceeds expectations and will keep you hitting the next episode on the remote from your couch.

‘How I Met Your Mother’

Starring the oh-so-cute and unattainable Neil Patrick Harris, “How I Met Your Mother” follows five friends (Ted, Marshall, Robin, Lily and Barney) around their adventures in New York City. But the storyline focuses on Ted’s quest to find his wife through the retelling of his life to his children. Netflix subscribers can view 7 seasons (totaling 160 episodes) of the hit CBS show. One thing is certain: “How I Met Your Mother” will keep you laughing for hours as you waste your life away on the couch.

‘Law and Order: SVU’

“In a criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous…” You might be hooked to “Law and Order: SVU” if you know the entire opening sequence. This can easily be called the most addicting show on Netflix. Appealing to the Freud in all of us, Law and Order details the lives of two sex crimes detectives in New York City – and, as hard as it can be to admit, audiences can’t get enough of the gruesome cases the detectives must deal with. Viewers can watch their favorites, Olivia and Elliott, most days on the USA network, but Netflix offers a commercial-free waste of your valuable time and attention.

‘Parks and Recreation’

If you didn’t fall in love with Amy Poehler in “Baby Mama”  or during her hilarious “Saturday Night Live” skits, you may fall for her in Parks and Recreation – an NBC show that follows the ‘mock-umentary’ format. However it’s written and filmed to seem like it’s the real-life Parks and Recreation office in the small town of Pawnee.

Most websites compare it to the Office, attributing its unique style to its success, but Amy Poehler’s onscreen relationships with her coworkers will have you laughing your butt off – be sure to spend a few hours with “Parks and Recreation “when surfing through Netflix.

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Photo: Anna Meany/The Louisville Cardinal

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