January 15, 2013

Miller mold has been defeated

Freshmen Katie Lippert and Jennifer Lyle pose in front of the dorm they are moving back into after living there for just two months last semester.

By Tyler Mercer–

The long journey Miller Hall students have been on since the beginning of October 2012 is finally over. From their various relocated places of living, students have moved back into a now mold-free Miller Hall.

After living in places such as The Bellamy, The Province and Cardinal Towne, residents are back into a new Miller Hall. While being mold-free, Miller Hall has had a few other upgrades during its empty stint.

In a video update from Dec. 2012, Shannon Staten, Director of Housing, said that all of the heating and air units were replaced. Staten also said that new furniture; such as mattresses, beds, desks, chairs and drawer sets; has been purchased, along with new window blinds.Miller Hall resident Jennifer Lyle said, “I’m happy to be back. I like being on campus. I hated having to come back to campus from the Bellamy.”

While living in an apartment most likely provided a different atmosphere for students that resembled something closer to home, the students who were moved expected, when coming to U of L, that they would be living on campus. On campus housing provides opportunities to meet new people and become more involved in campus events and organizations that commuters just don’t have.

Katie Lippert, Miller Hall resident, said, “Commuting was awful. Some days I had to come to campus an hour early for my classes.”

The Bellamy, which does provide a shuttle to take students from their apartments to campus,  is certainly not as close to campus as many freshmen expected to be. Now that U of L has dealt with the mold problem, these freshmen will be as close to campus as they originally planned and can spend their second semester at U of L living in the dorm they signed up for.

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Photo: Tyler Mercer/The Louisville Cardinal

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