November 8, 2012

U of L receives grant from Crusade for Children

By Michelle Eigenheer–

The WHAS Crusade for Children has donated almost $600,000 in grant funding this year to the University of Louisville.

“The WHAS Crusade for Children has been very generous to the University of Louisville, giving more than $19 million since the Crusade was founded in 1954,” said U of L President James R. Ramsey.

The $594,165 donation will go toward the Charting our Course total, which has reached more than $724 million so far. The University’s goal in this project is to reach $1 billion in donations by the end of June 2014 to go toward the goal of “becoming a premier metropolitan university.”

Crusade for Children was founded by WHAS and raises money to benefit special needs children. Their website states that 100 percent of each donation made to Crusade for Children helps children with special needs and that they are currently “funding 1 in 3 children who need the Crusade.”

The Crusade hosts a telethon each year to raise money. Fire departments also help collect donations, accounting for over half of the money raised each year. Donors can mail in contributions as well.

Crusade for Children disperses this money through grants. Agencies, hospitals and schools can apply for these grants and must appear before a panel each spring who hear. The panel then decides which groups will receive funding.

U of L will be using their donation in multiple areas. Close to half of the funding will support the Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center. There, it will be used to treat autism and purchase necessary equipment.

The College of Education and Human Development will use a share to support scholarship for special education teacher training and to improve a play area for children with sensory processing disorders.

The School of Music will use another share to go toward their music therapy program. The U of L Pediatric Medical-Dental Clinic at the Kosair Charities campus will also receive funds.

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Photo courtesy Crusade for Children

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