Sammie Hill, Sports Editor

In this year’s election, I am planning to vote for President Obama. I think both candidates have strong platforms, but my personal beliefs align more with President Obama and the ideas he plans to implement over the next four years. I respect the opinions of supporters for both candidates and encourage everyone to vote no matter who it is going to be cast for.

Anna Meany, Features Editor

President Barack Obama is absolutely the best choice for re-election this year.  His past four years in office have ended a war, established a new, successful healthcare system and created jobs.  While Romney has constantly shown indecisiveness in his campaign, President Obama has stayed loyal to his party’s and his own personal goals for the nation.  I think that stepping out as the first president to support gay marriage shows the immense progress under his administration and promises a stronger commitment to oppressed groups, including those who live outside the United States.

Rae Hodge, Editor-in-Chief

This election year, I’m endorsing Barack Obama for president. As a low-income female student, I would not benefit from any of the policy decisions proposed by Governor Romney. Governor Romney’s proposals would cause harm to my well being medically, financially and socially. Also, I have an instinctual dislike for vice presidents that do p90x.

Michelle Eigenheer, News Editor

I’m not especially impressed with either candidate, but the deficit is the biggest problem facing the United States, and Mitt Romney is the candidate qualified to fix it.

Lee Cole, Opinion Editor

I endorse Barack Obama for another four years.  He has brought us away from the brink of economic catastrophe, fought for healthcare reform and fought for average Americans on Main Street.  He has ended the war in Iraq and allowed gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.  He ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, America’s most hated enemy.  He’s doing the best he can in a bad situation brought on by people with policies like Mitt Romney’s.  I believe we will get out of the mess Bush created, and I believe my president will be the one to get us out.

Simon Isham, Assistant Features Editor

I’d like to come out with my endorsement of Barry O. Many commitments from the 2008 campaign were not fulfilled, but two promises—allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military and awarding them discrimination protection in their job searches—furthered basic human rights and should be recognized.

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