April 16, 2012

Photo Issue: Cody Hibbard

I’ve always been intrigued by the versatility of water behind a camera lens. It can act as a reflection, bend and alter light, magnify details, and create movement in a still photo.

These photos represent just a small portion of some of the tricks that water can provide in photography.

With a combination of a macro lens and external flashes, small water droplets left after a rain can act as magnifiers. In order to create this effect, the aperture is set as small as possible, creating a narrow ring for light to pass through. This sharpens the focus but requires external flashes to provide the amount of light needed. The curvature of the water droplets twists and bends the light, showing greater detail in the pedals of the flowers. Water can also act as a giant mirror, reflecting an identical image onto its surface.

These images were taken under a long exposure; the waves in the water create longer light streaks. In a daylight setting, water can be shot with the same long exposure technique. Yet again, water takes on a different form in these photos. The moving water creates a smooth, ghost-like white flow over the rocks.

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