For the past two years, I have spent the majority of my weekday and weekend afternoons in the low light of downtown garages at dusk. As much as I hated the concrete walls and metal four-by-four box that enclosed me for eight hours at a time, I have reached a point where I find nothing more fascinating. Most people wouldn’t look at a parking garage and think it’s architecture, but the massive engineering, strategy and even detail within them is something worth taking a second look. Most Louisville PARC garages, especially the hotels, have incorporated many stylistic elements, such as detailed cutouts, smooth round abouts and tiered staircases. The Brown Hotel’s Art Space is one example of this. Not to mention the view of the skylines that each rooftop provides are more than breathtaking. Before you overlook the cement building in front of you, take a closer look, and remember to always be nice to your parking attendant.