Students struggle to find part-time jobs

By Jacob Scott–

Juggling college and part-time job is tough to execute. Your parents, graduate school and, perhaps the harshest critic, yourself, demand good grades, but your social life demands cash. Plus, there’s that annoying thing that we all seem to need – a decent night of sleep. Somewhere in the middle, there’s a sweet spot of happiness. But finding it is easier said than done.

A part-time job is purely that, a job. So why is it that the university doesn’t help the students find these jobs?

I know they hold job fairs, but what about a website devoted just for students to find part time jobs that are study-friendly. The university has such a website, but they need to do a better job of advertising it.

I know my undergraduate school has a website like this and also advertised it all the time. It was a way to the employers to get free advertisement for part time workers and students to find jobs locally that were flexible.

I love the rejection letters, email or just responses that I get that claim I don’t have enough experience. Especially for entry level positions such as cashier, stocker, waiter and other mindless jobs that you don’t need any prior training to be able to do. Students need jobs that are simple and stress-free.

We can’t worry ourselves finding jobs that prove we have experience when some of us aren’t even 20 years old! How are you supposed to get any experience working one these types of jobs if no one seems to want to hire you because you don’t have any experience?

Now once you have found a job, how much are they willing to work with you? Students need part-time work with flexible hours when things like tests and extracurricular activities get in the way.

Be careful with fixed hour jobs because, at the time, they might seem perfect for your busy schedule, but unexpected events throughout a semester can creep up and compromise either your study or sleep schedule.
So what can we do to find these amazing part-time jobs that cater to students? It might take a lot of research, but seeking out this perfect fit could pay off big.

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