February 7, 2012

Writing as a student: A conversation with author Ian Eviston

By Josephine Lee–

Sophomore Ian Eviston has just completed a task that may seem daunting to most, writing a book. “The Genesis Saga: Awakening,” available on the Kindle and Nook, aims to be the first in a series of five that explores a fantasy world plagued by magical warfare. The Cardinal sat down with the up and coming author to discuss his journey to self-publishing his book and plans for future novels.

Q: When and why did you begin writing?
A: I began I guess the beginning of high school, and I started just because it’s kind of an itch in the back of your mind. I guess a lot of artists and other writers just have it where if you don’t write then your brain explodes. I write because I write.

Q: When did you first consider yourself a writer?
A: Last year, halfway through writing the first book.

Q: Did you start writing the book because of an assignment?
A: I had the idea junior year in high school, and I just jotted it down in a notebook, but I didn’t really think about it until senior year and college started, and I thought it might help pay for college.

Q: What inspires you to write your book?
A: My eighth grade teacher in middle school, Mr. Trueblood. He read some of the things that I wrote down in class, and he really loved it and so after class we used to sit down and talk about what my plans were after high school. Another big thing was Tolkien, who wrote Lord of the Rings. He’s a big inspiration.

Q: In your book, who is your favorite character?
A: I would have to say Desmond because he’s kind of twisted and I like his development throughout the series.

Q: What was the hardest part of writing your book?
A: Actually sitting down and writing it and editing it after it was done.

Q: Who edited it?

A: Me, my parents helped a big part in editing it and seeing where the plot line goes, and my house-mates right now sat down and edited it with me.

Q: Do you have any plans to do hard copy?
A: Right now I’m just trying to raise money to help pay for college and a car. But if it raises money past that, it’ll all go towards getting it published onto hardback and getting a better art design.

Q: How much of a challenge has this whole process been?
A: It’s been a mixture between an awful, terrible experience but then it’s been brilliant as well. Over the summer that pretty much was my life. I would wake up, I would work on the book and I would go to bed. And last semester it was all about editing it and making sure it was looking good for download ability.

Q: Plans for the next part of the series?

A: I started working on it over Christmas break so the next book should be out hopefully in a year.

Q: How often does your original plot plan deviate?
A: A lot. The first book, I had an original plan for it and had a certain way I wanted it to look. But as you write it, a lot of things change and the ending is not how I pictured it to be at all and the characters are not how I wanted them to go at all. Well, now I love the direction they’re going, but I never expected it that way. So I have it ready but it’s all subject to change.

Q: What book are you reading now?
A: “Game of Thrones.”

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Photo: Eric Voet/The Louisville Cardinal

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