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Measuring the benefits of on-campus jobs

By Nate Malchow–

Most students are especially in need of employment while going to school in order to help pay off tuition and living expenses.

On-campus jobs are a solution some students have opted for due to their location on campus and the flexibility of working hours.

A desk assistant, Katie Clark, who works for campus housing has a high opinion of her job, “I really like it; I get to talk to residents and do homework.” And compared to other jobs she feels that, “Housing realizes you are a student where other jobs want you to put the job before school.”

Julie Heinz, a Media Resource Desk Assistant in the Ekstrom Library feels that, “It is a good job without unreasonable demands, and it has a very positive working environment.” Julie, like the majority of on-campus student employees, receives a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

However some students, like Tim Johnson, prefer to work off campus at a private business because, “It gives me a better sense of the city and the people in it. It is also good to get off campus once in a while.”
On-campus student jobs are often viewed as a convenient way for students to be employed while staying close to school.

Students who are most in need of financial assistance are directed to the Career Center in the Houchens building where they are considered for a number of job openings.

And for students who want an on-campus job with more responsibility and higher pay, a possibility is working for REACH as an SI (Supplemental Instruction) or LA (Learning Assistant).
These teaching jobs are reserved for students who specialize in a field of study, which gives them the edge in finding employment at U niversity of Louisville.

There are a total of 279 students working on campus and the average pay of these students is $8.26 per hour, according to university statistics. However, the majority of these students, 96 of them, receive minimum wage at $7.25 per hour. No on-campus student job pays more than $10 per hour.

These numbers, however, do not include jobs held by students who work in food service on campus because food service is not in the jurisdiction of U of L.

The primary on-campus student jobs are in the SAC game corner, SAC fitness center, library media resource desk, library video lab, REACH tutors, and housing maintenance.

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