February 14, 2012

Friends with benefits: Generational commitment issues

By Michelle Eigenheer–

The year 2011 revealed to moviegoers the nature of today’s youth – “Friends with Benefits” over “A Walk To Remember.”

College kids, especially, seem to draw a blank at the mention of a “romantic gesture.” These days, people are all about hooking up rather than having actual, steady relationships.

The number of friends-with-benefits couples is beginning to surpass the number of romances, and movies like “No Strings Attached” are glorifying the idea that casual sex can lead to the ultimate relationship.

Many girls are in the mindset that a guy who calls for a casual hook-up will switch gears and want a real, loving relationship. This is a delusion. Unfortunately, these lovely ladies cannot be swayed into seeing the situation for what it is – convenient sex and little more.

This wild expectation of a relationship derived from casual encounters has led to a sad decline in romance. No longer does anyone work to get into a girl’s good graces, instead opting for a sudden, “Hey, can I get your number?” The idea that this is in any way going to get them a girl is sadly perpetuated by girls who are, in fact, enthralled by this tool-like behavior.

College females as a whole are equally as guilty of being tools. A large portion of them trs to use sex as a weapon against men, withholding it when they don’t get what they want.

But why would a man care that a girl won’t have sex with him if there are willing girls at every frat party?

In that regard, a lot of people go to frat parties expecting to meet up with someone that they can start dating.

In what way does meeting someone when you’re drunk sound remotely attractive or constructive? One can pretty much assume that the night will end in puke and a designated driver – Almost as far from romance as possible.

This naïve way of thinking has led to the generation of “heartbroken” girls and douchebag guys that we live in today. The confusion between sex and affection has begun to sway people into a way of thinking that eliminates the possibility of romance or love or healthy relationships.

People have grown to accept an expectancy of a terrible ending to their new relationships based on all of the crap that comes with the decline of romance.

Cartoon by Michael Layman/The Louisville Cardinal

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Photo/Flickr: alaina.buzas

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