October 4, 2011

St. James festival puts parking at a premium

By Baylee Pullium–

Brittany Harris held a cardboard sign Oct. 1, waving cars into the parking lot Hyland, Block and Hyland Insurance.

Harris’ mother, who works at the company, arranges for her daughter to sell each of the 35 spaces in the parking lot during the St. James Court Art Show every fall. Harris said she’s been selling spaces for about five years.

“I’m going to [U of L] and I’ve got to earn money where I can,” said Harris, a senior exercise science major. “Here, it’s all profit.”

Harris earns $10 for every car parked in the lot, amounting to several hundred dollars over the art show weekend.

The art show, located in the Old Louisville neighborhood, hosted over 750 exhibitors and an estimated 300,000-plus attendees this year, according to the event’s website.

While the neighborhood usually has enough street parking to accommodate area residents, the flood of art show-goers every fall can create problems.

Brick Green, a senior anthropology major who lives near the show, said his landlord gave him a parking pass so he could park in the lot behind his apartment building.
His roommate wasn’t so lucky.

“We only got one pass per apartment, so he parks like way down 2nd [Street] and bikes,” Green said.

Amy Riordan, a sophomore secondary education major, said in her experience going to the show, she’s learned a few tricks to avoid parking headaches.

This year, Riordan parked at a friend’s house on 4th Street because it “beats paying 10 or more dollars for a couple hours’ parking,” she said.

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