October 4, 2011

Don’t forget! Make sure you have all your travel necessities before you hit the road this fall break

By Baylee Pullium–

Clothes? Check. Road map? Check. Think you’ve packed everything you need for that big road trip with your friends? Think again.
There’s probably at least one road trip necessity you’ve forgotten, and you’ll kick yourself when you get 300 miles down the road and don’t have it. Follow this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need before you head out.

1. A big bag-o-eats. Load a big bag full of chips, snack cakes and chocolate – and maybe some healthier stuff, too – to stave off the road trip munchies.

2. Tuneage. There’s nothing worse than an awkwardly silent car ride with the bros. Stock up on your favorite mp3s, or CDs if you want to go retro.

3. Your student ID. Your student ID can get you more than just a foot-long at the campus Subway. Cash in on student discounts at places like museums, movie theaters and even restaurants.

4. Car charger for your phone. It might be good to have a charged phone if your car breaks down. AAA isn’t psychic.

5. Febreeze. You’ll be glad you have it when your bud Jake McStinkfoot decides to take his shoes off in the car.

6. Earplugs. Great for in-car naps – especially when your friends are belting out the lyrics to the previously mentioned tuneage.

7. Crossword, Madlibs or other puzzle. You’ll need something to occupy your time on that long car ride. Homework is another option, but let’s be realistic.

8. Cash. Odds are, you’ll end up at the one place that doesn’t accept plastic. Unless you’re willing to barter your friends into indentured servitude, you’ll need some cash.

9. An extra bag. That way, you’ll have a place to put all those weird and impractical souvenirs you collect along the way.

10. An emergency kit. That includes a spare tire, antiseptic and Band-Aids, for when your buddies decide it’s a good idea to challenge the bouncer at that downtown nightclub.

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Photo: Nathan Gardener/The Louisville Cardinal

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