September 15, 2011

“Star Wars” Blu-ray additions don’t satisfy fans

By Josh Williams–

If we change the past, let us remove the mullet, acid wash jeans and hair metal from all records. When pop culture icons are made over, the result is about as sad as a Spice Girls reunion.

George Lucas seems to feel differently however, as modifications to the original “Star Wars” trilogy were announced with the upcoming Blu-ray edition of the epic movie collection. Some of these changes were small and trivial, upsetting only the diehard fans of the series. This includes the R2-D2 scene in which more rocks were created, further concealing the stealthy little robot, and the addition of a Dug in Jabba’s lair.

While these seem to be minute changes that give the impression of a bored George Lucas, there are other modifications that are creating uproar within the Star Wars community. Darth Vader’s drawn out cry as he saves Luke’s life in the end of the “Return of the Jedi” is an addition that degrades the evil character of Lord Vader altogether.

While the inclusion of this passionate roar adds to Vader’s character development, I prefer the original, more dramatic scene void of the cheesy “No!”

Like many other nerds, I’m in love with the clunky graphics, the out-dated effects and the use of puppets and corny costumes.

It seems like Lucas attempted to revamp his movies to compare to contemporary cinema, which isn’t necessary. The Star Wars Trilogy was superior in its time of production.

The magic to these movies are not the graphics or sound effects. Star Wars fans are fascinated with the exotic world and story plot.

Keeping this in mind, George Lucas should leave alone the perfect and perhaps focus on other changes that could be made in the world.

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