By Josh Williams–

Why exactly did the chicken cross the road? Due to the latest fashion trend, it would seem as an attempt to escape the intense mob of those who wish to steal its feathers. People are going gaga over the new fad: feather hair extensions. These decorations include a feather or feathers that sew the extension on to an already existent thread of hair.

The reasons why this fad has become so popular so quickly remains to be seen. However, a couple of guesses may be made. Perhaps the tune “Yankee Doodle” has become a big hit causing people to imitate Yankee’s fashion, or maybe people are finally showing respect to the bird kingdom’s “fly” style. Whatever the reasons, this fad seems to be here to stay as celebrities such as Ke$ha, Steven Tyler and Miley Cyrus add feathers to their hair.

Not only have people begun adorning themselves farmhouse Christmas trees, but the trend has spread to pets as well. A quick peek at Condition Culture’s website,, reveals that owners can now opt to have their pets pampered with Puppylocks. While this is definitely on my top ten of the cutest things I have ever seen, this might be taking the trend a little too far.

Although the feathers in the hair makes you look stylish, one has to question where these feathers come from. An easy enough answer: birds. According to PETA, the thousands of feathers that may be seen in hair everyday come from living birds that are bred and slaughtered for the sole purpose of making the elite stylists look great. These birds include roosters, peacocks and any other birded animal that boasts a brilliant saddle plumage. Not only do the birds have to worry about being eaten, shot at for sport or having their children stolen, we now have to rip from them their last scrap of dignity: their beautiful feathers.

While this may not seem to be that big of a deal to some, let’s equate this to a more humane level. How would you like to be shot at while riding your bike around campus merely for the sport of others? Imagine being attempted to be assassinated by the same group that demonstrates a desire to eat you for dinner, take your children who they will eat for breakfast, and when you think it could get no worse, they steal your clothes that protect you from the harsh elements of nature. No wonder the chicken is running for safety with an environment like this.

Am I saying that we should give up the feathers in the hair? No, I am not saying this at all. However, there might be other methods with which to feather your hair. Why spend a ton of money to purchase real feathers that contribute to the death of these animals? Instead, maybe people should purchase synthetic feathers which look just as real, save the death of birds and keep a little bit of extra cash in the wallet. Synthetic hair feathers may be found anywhere online. Just check websites like There are many sources for your feather needs online.

In a world where animals are slaughtered mercilessly for sport, live for no other reason except to make us money, are constant victims of cruelty of many sorts, and in which dogs are now being dressed up as birds, let’s not give the chicken another reason to cross the road.

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Photo:Nathan Gardener/The Louisville Cardinal