Residents living near the University of Louisville were left with little to no water on Monday, July 11 after a 4-foot water main ruptured between Eastern Parkway and Floyd Street.
The break triggered a sudden flood around U of L’s Belknap Campus around 6 p.m. as millions of gallons of water gushed onto several university streets, parking lots and athletic fields along Warnock and Floyd Street.
Due to substantial losses in water pressure, the Louisville Water Company immediately issued a boil-water advisory throughout much of Louisville and urged residents not to wash their hands with tap water.
Louisville Water Company employees were able to isolate and shut down the source of the main break on Tuesday morning. However, U of L canceled classes on Tuesday amid cleanup efforts.
The boil-water advisory was lifted Tuesday evening for most Louisville residents. According to reports, the break was one of the largest in the history of the Louisville Water Company.