By Donny Yaste

Imagine the pressure it takes to be responsible for the safety of a university and its students. This is the pressure Robert Cox is under as a police officer with the University of Louisville Police.

Cox said he enjoys that pressure and loves the chance to take harmful people off the street.

“You never know who their next target will be,” said Cox.

He especially enjoys making himself available for students when he is patrolling campus.

“We don’t bite,” said Cox, referring to the general hesitance people have in approaching police officers.

However, Cox said police work isn’t all fun.

“Sometimes all we want to do is get back to normal,” said Cox.

He said that you never stop being a police officer. As an officer, he sees things differently, he is more aware of potential crimes, and he notices things others don’t.

In addition to his job as a patrol officer, Cox serves as a training officer, preparing new officers for their first four to six weeks. Cox previously worked for the Audubon Park Police Department and the Louisville Metro Police Department. Cox said he appreciates the comfortable and laid-back environment of the University Police, as opposed to his previous employers.

Outside of his job, Cox enjoys recreational shooting and motorcycles. Cox said he used to be very interested in boating and has also dabbled in writing short stories. His stories often deal with life-based experiences. He considered writing detective stories, before discovering that many of his experiences had already been written about in some way or another.

Considering everything his job entails, Cox loves his work and thoroughly enjoys making U of L a safe environment. Cox said that if students see him on campus, they shouldn’t be afraid to come up to him and say hello.