April 13, 2004

Newly elected SGA plans for next year

By Mallory Bowman

The spring semester is winding down, but the newly-elected 2004- 2005 University of Louisville Student Government Association hasjust begun its planning for the summer and next school year.

President Ryan McKinley, Executive Vice-President Bill Brammell,Academic Vice-President Sarah Hester and Services Vice-PresidentJustin Morehead have already been meeting to discuss the transitionbetween the 2003 – 2004 and the 2004 – 2005 SGA.

Perhaps the most evident issue on campus this year has beendiversity and the push to create a stronger campus community. Thetop four said that SGA is going to play an active role in makingsure this year’s diversity initiatives will not be forgottenover the summer.

“I don’t think the ball will drop at all,”Hester said. “It’s not something we’re going tolet students forget.”

The executives said they will be around the university thissummer and will also be present at orientation sessions to assistin educating the incoming students about existing diversity issuesand initiatives on campus. They also said they were ready to workwith the university to back any diversity projects that may takeplace.

Applications are now being accepted for SGA staff positions,including chief of staff, executive assistant, public relations,information technology director, freshman LEAD director andmulticultural affairs director. Two staff positions have been cut.In the past, there have been two public relations individuals andtwo executive assistants. The executives agreed that condensing thestaff positions will benefit the SGA.

“By lowering the number of staff positions, everyone isgoing to work more closely,” Brammell said.

“If we need to, we can always add the positionsback,” Morehead added.

Applications for the positions are available in the SGA officeon the third floor of the Student Activities Center. Applicationsare due April 23 and positions will be selected no later than May3.

During the summer months, the executives said they will work tocreate a stronger campus community. One of SGA’s summerinitiatives is a campus beautification project. The executives arecurrently scanning for local businesses to invest in the project,which will involve painting murals on the walls in variousbuildings and on nearby underpasses and doing necessary repairs tothe playground near Unitas Tower Apartments. They said the projectcould also include planting flowers and doing other works toimprove the appearance of Belknap campus.

McKinley said the beautification project won’t just be forSGA members. When the project begins, he said that students fromall over the campus will be invited to help.

“We want to try and get people who want to get involved oncampus,” McKinley said.

Over the summer, the executives also intend to lay thefoundation for a campus-wide recycling program.

“We’re at least going to get this started or tackledbefore the start of next school year,” Brammell said.

Brammell said SGA is pushing to get recycling bins placed aroundcampus and in residence halls. According to Brammell, the programwill start with the collection of paper and aluminum cans, but theSGA intends to enlist the physical plant to expand the project. Thecost of this project is not yet known.

The executives said they are also working with the university toincrease campus safety. Hester said SGA will be pushing foradditional lighting, especially on the Health Sciences campus.Hester also said the university is currently working withLouisville Metro Police to provide increased protection oncampus.

“We feel this is something we need to step behind and dowhatever we can do,” she said.

In the fall, the SGA intends to make the game room in the SACfree to students. The SGA also hopes to get students more involvedin campus athletics.

The top four are currently working with the university to makethe games in the game room free. Brammell said the SGA will front$7,000 to make pool, table tennis and other games free forstudents.

In athletics, the executives said they are working to createinitiatives to get students involved in a broader spectrum ofcampus athletic events.

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