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CEHD continues dean search

By Jacob Abrahamson–

While the College of Arts & Sciences is searching for a new dean, the College of Education and Human Development is in the same process.  There are four finalists for the job, and three have already visited campus to meet with search committee and hold open forums.

Whoever gets the job, held since 2008 by Interim Dean Blake Haselton, will face budget challenges presented to higher education and be tasked with developing a vision to make the CEHD an important part of a “premier metropolitan research university.”  According to U of L’s website, the CEHD Dean helps the CEHD as it “seeks to tackle the most pressing issues facing urban and rural education.”

Here is a snapshot of the candidates’ curriculum vitae to help you get to know the finalists.

George Cunningham

Education:  Ph. D. in Sports and Exercise Management, Ohio State University

Current position: Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, Texas A&M University

Research, teaching, and presentation topics: Diversity, employee attitudes, group processes.

Open forum: Jan. 23.


Larry Daniel

Education:  Ph. D. in Educational Administration, University of New Orleans

Current position: Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, University of North Florida

Research, teaching, and presentation topics: Curriculum studies, teacher education.

Open forum:  10:30 am to 12:15 pm on Feb. 18, Chao Auditorium


Ann Larson

Education:  Ph. D. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois

Current position: Vice Dean for the College of Education and Human Development, University of Louisville

Research, teaching, and presentation topics: Teacher education, curriculum theory, community engagement.

Open forum: Feb. 10.


R. Anthony Rolle

Education:  Ph. D. in Education Policy Studies, Indiana University

Current position: Chair, Department of Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies, University of South Florida

Research, teaching, and presentation topics: Economic efficiency of public schools

Open forum: Jan. 30.



Full CVs and itineraries for each candidate may be found at Louisville.edu/provost/faculty-personnel/searches/.


Photo Courtesy of Forbes.com

Super Bowl XLVIII Preview

By Annie Moore


At first glance, Super Bowl XLVIII looks to be a clash between the powerhouse offense of the Denver Broncos and the league-leading defense of the Seattle Seahawks. But the league championship games provide a better look at the threats presented by both teams, on both sides of the ball.


Super Bowl XLVIII will be just the fifth Super Bowl since the AFC-NFC merger to pit the leading scoring offense in the league , against the leading scoring defense.


Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense have put up big numbers in almost every game this season. Manning eclipsed league records for touchdowns and passing yards in a single season — 55 touchdowns and 5,477 yards to date. And why not? With a slew of targets from Wes Welker to Demaryius and Julius Thomas and Eric Decker, to name a few.


On the opposite side of the contest, the Seahawks defense has been shutting down some of the most elite offenses in the country.  In 16 games, Seattle allowed a combined 231 points, which led the league. Carolina was close behind with 241, San Francisco was next with 272, and the rest of the league was at least 70 more points behind.


This game is being highly touted as the best Super Bowl matchup in many years, these teams dominance has been talked about for weeks. What may be the biggest unknown and the x-factor in Super Bowl XLVIII, the weather.


The Meadowlands are anything if idyllic in early February and some would argue that planning a Super Bowl there is a recipe for disaster. Contingency plans have already been made in case of extreme winter weather or dangerous storm systems on the East Coast.


But, no matter what day the game is played on, what the weather conditions are, and wherever Roger Goodell decides to sit, Super Bowl XLVIII looks to be a great game, a truly Super, Super Bowl.