The Louisville Cardinal Student News + Multimedia Thu, 10 Jul 2014 18:28:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Emails fail to send after attempt to upgrade software – part three Thu, 10 Jul 2014 04:00:21 +0000 By Simon Isham–

If you’re a student and you automatically forward your email from your Cardmail account to an external account like Gmail or another Office 365 account, you may have missed some important emails today. The emails are not lost; you will simply need to log in to your Cardmail account to view them.

The U of L IT department discovered today that Cardmail no longer has the functionality to reliably automatically forward emails to an external account, though forwarding from one address to another appears to work fine.

Emails sent to students may be returned to the sender account as undeliverable. Students who log into Cardmail will be able to see which emails were not forwarded, because they are marked with the following notice from Microsoft Outlook:

“Your message wasn’t delivered due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept email from certain senders, or another restriction may be preventing delivery. For more tips to resolve this issue see DSN code 5.7.1 in Exchange Online. If the problem continues contact your help desk.”

A statement from IT released today to faculty blamed Microsoft for the error.

Today marks the third in a series of delivery errors caused by mandatory upgrades to the U of L email system. Microsoft, the company behind Cardmail, is forcing the university to transition to Exchange Online Protection, its anti-spam and malware program. A recap of the errors so far is below:

June 10: Emails from external sources to faculty and staff may not have reached their intended targets
June 24: Students, faculty and staff experienced delivery delays for several hours
July 9: Emails automatically forwarded from Cardmail accounts to external accounts were rejected as undeliverable

If you believe you are still having problems with receiving a message, contact the HelpDesk at 852-7997 or

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Handling the competition: U of L business team places in competition Tue, 08 Jul 2014 19:51:09 +0000 By Lubna Hindi

Four U of L MBA students placed 3rd in the Global Venture Labs Investment Competition while presenting the TheraBracelet, a device that improves hand movement for patients who have had a stroke or experience other nerve disorders by delivering low pressure signals into the patient’s wrist.

Matt Raggard, Nick Phelps, Kacie Neutz first formed  TheraBracelet in 2013 through iBridge, a Google database of university research that’s available for license. Two additional years of research have gone into the development of the device in the Hand Rehabilitation Lab at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where Leah Enders, Chief Scientific Officer, has worked to test over 60 patients across 6 different studies.

“TheraBracelet’s foundational intellectual property was developed by Dr. Na Jin Seo and Leah Enders. Our company has an exclusive option to license the technology from UWMRF.” Said Kacie Neutz, Chief Operations Officer. “When we found the technology, we contacted UWM-Milwaukee’s Office of Technology Transfer and were able to develop a relationship with them in order to secure the option.”

They have presented TheraBracelet at several different competitions including the Rice Business Plan Competition in Houston where they placed first , the Ivey Business Plan Competition in Ontario placing 2nd, and the Global Venture Labs Investment Competition in Austin where they placed third.

“Winning cash is king and it was difficult to do.” said Nick Phelps, Chief Financial Officer. “We were never the sexiest technology and our science was doubted each time because it is a new concept, although it has held up in our lab tests. All we could do was put our head down and reach the next milestone – which we did.”

They had to compete with teams from all around the world to even make it into the respected competitions where they then competed with 16-40 teams for the grand prize, which typically involved some sum of money.

“We could not have gotten where we are without the help of our many advisors, all of which can’t be included in this list: Dr. Van Clouse, the Director of our Entrepreneurship MBA program, Robert Bird of Zynex Medical, Tom Schwatweiser of Bioness, Alex Frommeyer of Beam Technologies, Dr. David McClure of Middleton Reutlinger, Alex Curry our Chief Engineer who also holds equity in the company, and many more helped us move this product forward.” Said Kacie Neutz.

The team plans to use their prize money as funding for the business. Their next step involves more clinical testing at Frazier Rehab here in Louisville and the engineering of the final prototype. The final bracelet will be an all-in-one, battery powered, standalone bracelet intended for all day use and is expected to hit the market in 2016.


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Brief: U of L renaming research building Tue, 08 Jul 2014 19:03:30 +0000 By Simon Isham–

U of L President James Ramsey announced today that the university will be renaming its most recent addition to the Health Sciences Campus, the 2009 Clinical and Translational Research Building, after Kosair Charities. The name change is intended to honor the more than 90-year partnership between the university and Kosair, in providing health care to children.

“We have a very special partnership with Kosair Charities as we both seek to improve the lives of the children of our region and beyond,” said Ramsey. “It is appropriate that the Kosair Charities’ name adorn the building that epitomizes our goal of moving research from bench to bedside. Kosair Charities is helping us understand so many health care issues that face our children and determine ways to resolve those issues.”

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U of L releases audit results to public Wed, 02 Jul 2014 17:52:52 +0000 By Lubna Hindi –

Results of a university-wide audit were announced at today’s U of L Board of Trustees audit committee meeting after the state attorney general’s office requested that they be released by July 2. Representatives from auditors Strothman and Company discussed 17 recommendations to decrease chances of fraud at the university.

These recommendations included increasing university control over vendors and standardizing university financial policies and processes.

“We have found that many of these policies are already in place but are being appplied inconsistently or not at all,” said Bill Meyers, Strothman and Co. representative who spoke to the committee on the findings.

U of L President James Ramsey said in the meeting the university plans to follow the recommendations, and has begun developing a timeline for their implementation.

The findings come after a series of fraud and embezzlement cases coming from members of the university. The most recent case involved former director of the Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine, Perry Chadwick Vaughn, who was found funneling $2.8 million through the use of unmonitored bank accounts. One of the recommendations includes increased monitoring of non-university bank accounts to prevent similar situations.

Committee members questioned how cost-effective the recommendations would be. The recommendations call for one or two additional full-time positions that could be filled with current university employees.

“We’re hiring people who will generate no revenue,” said professor and board member Joe Steffen said on the cost of implementing the recommendations.

The committee will review the newly implemented policies within 90 days to determine if they are effective or need further review.


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University of Louisville officially joins Atlantic Coast Conference Wed, 02 Jul 2014 07:47:36 +0000 Senior wide-out DeVante Parker ran away with the competition his first three years at U of L. The outstanding senior talent has 16 career touchdowns and is one of many exciting students bringing their potential to the ACC, courtesy of The University of Louisville.

By Dalton Ray

“Isn’t it a great time to be a University of Louisville Cardinal?”

University of Louisville president James Ramsey enthusiastically asked this question upon Louisville’s official inauguration to the ACC. July 1 marked the first day U of L was an official member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. At the Brown and Williamson Club inside of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, a commemorative luncheon was held to make it official. Passionate fans, university associates, members of the media and even the  ACC mascots witnessed this historical day as ACC Commissioner John Swofford welcomed the Cards into the now 15 school conference.

“We have looked forward to this day since November of 2012, when our Council of Presidents voted to accept Louisville as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference,” Swofford said. “We are a stronger conference with the addition of this university and its athletic program, which continues to reach new heights and rank among the nation’s most competitive. We are well-positioned for the future, 15 members strong with a unique balance of public and private institutions.”

President Ramsey, Commissioner Swofford, and U of L Athletic Director Tom Jurich held a press conference in the morning before heading over to the celebratory induction.

At the luncheon a large enthusiastic crowd gathered where food was provided as everyone sat eagerly awaiting the inauguration. After dining, socializing and getting more acquainted with the ACC mascots the crowd was addressed.

Ramsey, Swofford and Jurich reverberated the positive progression the university has taken.

“Upward trajectory” was used multiple times during the press conference and it was used to describe the university’s rapid success and the ACC’s future. Commissioner Swofford praised the school’s recent national athletic and academic success and said it was one of the reasons why they pulled the trigger on bringing Louisville in. Another reason for praise was the family-like atmosphere of the university.

“This is a conservative effort here…everyone is supportive of each other and that’s what makes a great university and athletic program,” Swofford stated.

The man who made all of this happen is of course AD, Tom Jurich, who took over U of L’s athletics program in 1997. The latest conference jump is the Cards’ fourth since 1996. U of L was members of the Metro Conference from 1975-1996, Conference USA from 1996-2005, the Big East from 2005-2013, and were one-time members of the American Athletic Conference this previous 2013-14 year.

“I really do appreciate and want to thank all the guys from Conference USA, the Big East, and our home last year in the AAC who helped us grow. It wasn’t just us; it was the people we competed with and the universities who have pushed us up. I stand here very grateful and thankful that all of this came together,” Jurich humbly explained. “We’re all about being a family here, we have a great culture…with all 23 of our sports we want to roll up our sleeves and out work you.”

The immediate selling point of joining the ACC is the impressive athletic resume the conference blusters in each sport. The ACC won five national championships this past year alone.

The conference’s field hockey teams have won 17 of the 31 NCAA national championships. The ACC’s golf programs have won a total of ten NCAA national championships between the men’s four and the women’s six. And the 13 total NCAA national championships in men’s lacrosse are more than any other conference.

With the addition of Louisville the ACC will be considered a powerhouse conference in such major sports as basketball, football, baseball, and soccer.

In baseball the conference has won five national championships. It has appeared in 88 total College World Series and has been ranked a top three conference the past five years. Last year the ACC sent eight teams to the NCAA tournament with three advancing to the CWS.

In football the ACC has seven schools with national titles, five are among the top 25 winning-est programs of all-time. The ACC sent 11 teams to bowl games last year with two BCS victories, headlined by Florida State’s BCS National Championship.

The conference’s collection of men and women’s soccer teams is very impressive. The ACC claims 16 men’s NCAA national titles, including 13 between 1984-2009. ACC women’s soccer has dominated the field of play winning 24 of the 28 NCAA national championships.

Louisville joins Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse as recent additions to a conference that already boasted basketball greats. Now the ACC may be the best men’s basketball conference in the land. Three of the six previous NCAA national champions as North Carolina won in 2009, Duke in 2010 and Louisville in 2013. Four of the five active Hall of Fame head coaches including U of L’s Rick Pitino. Five of the top twelve winningest programs, 15 national championships, 16 national runner-ups and 59 total Final Four appearances.

Academically this is a huge jump up for the Cardinals. It is very easy to say all the positive things this move means for athletics but the opportunity to correlate work with some of the top academic schools in the nation is an unmatched opportunity.

U of L has made strides in its research over the past years and associating with top research schools like Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Boston College, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech will continue to help the Cards make successful and life changing developments in the medical field and every day life.

With well over a year of ACC buzz the University of Louisville is officially a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. And it couldn’t be a better time to be a University of Louisville Cardinal.

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Alison Grimes holds rally about college afforability at U of L Sun, 29 Jun 2014 15:36:00 +0000 By Simon Isham–

Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky democratic candidate for US Senate, held a rally today at U of L’s Red Barn to promote an agenda of college affordability.

The line waiting to get into the Red Barn before the event stretched three blocks into the Miller Hall resident parking lot. Members of the Grimes campaign said that the building was filled to capacity. The crowd was composed of mainly older adults. Many of the college students who did attend the event were campaign volunteers.

Grimes was joined by Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts democrat who rececently sponsored a failed proposal to reduce the interest rate of student loans. John Yarmuth, a Kentucky member of the US House of Representatives, was also present at the event to lend his support. The event was sponsored by U of L’s Young Democrats RSO.

“This event is not just about college students, but also about people who don’t have the opportunity to go to college,” said Connor Allen, president of Young Democrats.

Warren told the audience that she graduated from a college whose tuition was $50 per semester. She said that was possible because the previous generation had made an investment in the country’s youth, and that the current generation should be prepared to be the same.

“The government is making tens of billions of dollars on student loan debt,” she said, arguing that Grimes’ opponent, Mitch McConnell, is a part of that institution. “McConnell led the fillibuster against (my) student loan debt proposal … we fell two votes short.”

Grimes took the stage next. An education, she said, “should be the passport out of poverty, not into it. Mitch McConnell turned his back on Kentucky when he filibustered Senator Warren’s bill.”

She closed after indicating that her campaign was ahead in the latest polls.

Members of the College Republicans were present outside the event, holding signs attacking Grimes and promoting McConnell. They also handed out doughnuts. During the event the group released a statement in response to the rally:

“Elizabeth Warren’s visit to Kentucky is the latest proof that Alison Grimes is going to be a follow-the-leader Democrat who will fall in line with President Obama’s job-hurting agenda. Warren often associates herself with President Obama, and Warren unashamedly supports laws and regulations that hurt Kentucky jobs and industries. Additionally, Alison Grimes is using Warren’s failed student loan bill—which would only aid about 10% of student borrowers and relies on increasing taxes on job creators by 30%—in an attempt to draw in and deceive young voters. The youth of Kentucky are tired of being pawns in Alison Lundergan Grimes’ political games. Kentucky students deserve a loud, proven voice in the Senate, which is why we fully support Senator Mitch McConnell.”

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Russ Smith selected 47th in the NBA Draft Fri, 27 Jun 2014 04:32:21 +0000 Russ Smith was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers with the 47th pick in the NBA Draft on Thursday night.

Smith was then traded to the New Orleans Pelicans for Pierre Jackson.

After leading the most successful four year period in Louisville history, Smith heads to New Orleans as a Consensus All-American and the fifth leading scorer in Cardinal history.

He is the 66th Cardinal selected in the NBA Draft.

On Saturday October 4, the Pelicans will play the Miami Heat in a pre-season game at the KFC YUM! Center.

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U of L receives $10 million gift from single donor Thu, 26 Jun 2014 17:55:51 +0000 By Simon Isham–

University of Louisville President James Ramsey today announced a $10 million dollar gift to the university. It is one of the largest gifts from a single donor in school history.

The gift, which will be paid over three to five years, came from alumnus J.D. Nichols,  chairperson of NTS Realty Holdings. Ramsey also took the opportunity to announce that the Nucleus Downtown Innovation Park would be honorarily known as the J.D. Nichols Campus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

“Instead of talking about myself, I’m going to talk about James Ramsey. If it wasn’t for Jim (Ramsey), I wouldn’t be standing here today, and if it wasn’t for the education I received at the University of Louisville, I wouldn’t be standing here either,” said Nichols, when asked about his gift. “And if it weren’t for my partner Brian Lavin, I wouldn’t have been able to write the check.”

Nichols said that the gift was not in support of any particular cause, but could rather be used however Ramsey felt it should.

Nichols was previously a trustee on U of L’s board, and was instrumental in working with the Louisville Regional Airport Authority, to make Louisville an international hub for UPS. Several students now work for UPS part-time to finance their U of L educations.

Ramsey and U of L Board of Trustees Chairperson Robert Hughes spoke briefly about Nichols’ accomplishments before recessing the press conference for refreshments.

The announcement was made this afternoon at The Nucleus, the university’s entrepreneurial management and consulting arm.

Photo by Simon Isham / The Louisville Cardinal

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Hard Rock Cafe unveils new menu, drinks Thu, 26 Jun 2014 05:49:37 +0000 By Simon Isham–

When it’s not Thirsty Thursday, Faded Friday or Smashed Saturday, there are  believe it or not  other things to do on Fourth Street Live!

While many of the dining establishments at the nightlife hotspot have bitten the dust in recent months, others are still kicking. Hard Rock Cafe this evening revealed the new selection of foods and beverages that will await hungry — and thirsty — Cards when they return from summer vacation.

This event marked the first time since the restaurant’s 2004 opening that it has changed its menu. 30 food and drink offerings were added. The changes have been going live in restaurants across the globe since March, but they have arrived in Louisville this week.

Check out the new menu or the photo gallery below to see some of the new offerings in action:

The Big Kablue-na, a popular blue pina colada served at Hard Rock. The Hurricane, a mango flavored offering with Disaronno. A variety of mixed drinks with chips and salsa. A server shows off the berry press, a rum drink being added to the menu. A berry press in its natural habitat (my glass). The full portions of everything we taste-tested tonight. George Lindsey of the Lambert and Lindsey show introduces the 102.3 The Max featured artist, Katy Tiz. Katy Tiz performs soulfully for a full audience. Everyone at the media dinner seemed to be having a really good time. The peeps from Mainline Broadcasting really enjoyed everything on the menu. Special events coordinator Billy Garland and the chef who made the feast possible. A new dessert being added to the menu (contains alcohol). Always room for dessert.

Photos by Jai Husband / The Louisville Cardinal

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Emails fail to send after attempt to upgrade software – part two Thu, 26 Jun 2014 04:22:54 +0000 By Simon Isham–

Earlier this month, emails to faculty and staff from outside the university may have failed to reach their intended destinations due to a software upgrade from Microsoft. That problem did not affect students, but an upgrade attempted June 24 did.

From about 1 p.m. to 3:15 p.m., Cardmail users would have experienced “degraded service.” Full service resumed by 9:30 p.m.

U of L IT acknowledged this problem with an email sent out to all students. The email claimed that the problems were once again Microsoft’s and not the university’s.

“The underlying root cause is under investigation so steps can be taken to implement a solution to ensure the issue does not reoccur,” it said.

This outage is more extensive than the last time, affecting all students, faculty and staff. It also lasted more than three times longer; however, this time, the result was simply delays in delivery rather than outright failure.

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