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  • Cardinal Gaming: Xbox Updates, Super Smash Bros. & Titanfall

    Video by David Cecil.

    • Posted October 27, 2014
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  • Miller hall shooting threats were handled poorly

    By Taylor Jones– At 4:07 a.m., an anonymous post went up on 4chan, a social media site, stating that the poster was going to “shoot up” Miller Hall at the University of Louisville in a mere 6...

    • Posted October 24, 2014
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  • Cardinal Gamer’s Weekly: October edition

    Video by David Cecil.

    • Posted October 15, 2014
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  • DSC_8887_BW
    Increase self-protection and lower the carry age

    By Chris Bosey– Editor’s note: U of L does not allow weapons on its campuses.  The debate about whether or not violence around campus is increasing is no longer in question. Just ask the four new campus...

    • Posted October 1, 2014
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  • Five students hospitalized amidst rumors of drugged drinks

    By Simon Isham, Jacob Abrahamson, Olivia Krauth, David Cecil & Raquel Wolter– Emergency Medical Services rushed five students to area hospitals last weekend, Sept. 19 – 21, after campus parties.  EMS told police at least one student...

    • Posted September 26, 2014
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  • Global Warming: Discussion continues

    –Landon Lauder Most people around campus would say the Earth is warming and we should do something to slow the progression. A lesser amount would know the actual chemicals responsible for the phenomenon. Even fewer would know...

    • Posted September 22, 2014
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  • Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 8.33.00 AM
    Heroin injects itself in the veins of U of L

    –Nick Amon The drug overdose death of cheerleader Danielle Cogswell inside Cardinal Towne shocked the university community on July 24.   Jefferson County Coroner Dr. Barbara Weakley-Jones concluded the 22-year-old had heroin, Xanax and amphetamines in her...

    • Posted September 22, 2014
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  • Brief: President delivers state of the university address

    University President James Ramsey today delivered the 11th annual state of the university address. The event is designed to highlight achievements of the past year and reaffirm commitment to university goals.  The pomp of the events also...

    • Posted September 17, 2014
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  • Attorney for Sherry Roark Requests “Correction”

    The February 18, 2014 edition of The Louisville Cardinal contained an article entitled “IT accused of discrimination and financial mismanagement.” The article reported internal complaints involving employment practices at the University’s IT Department. The article referred in...

    • Posted September 16, 2014
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  • campus crime
    Editorial: It shouldn’t take a stabbing for U of L to ramp up security

    While crime continues to rise in and around the University of Louisville community, students are beginning to feel less safe than ever when simply walking across campus at the wrong hour of the day, or in-less-than-perfect lighting. Students’...

    • Posted September 14, 2014
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