Fighting the temptations of winter break

By on December 11, 2017

By Jordan Mills — 

Time is running out in the fall semester which means students are busy cramming for finals, getting their schedules ready for spring and preparing for the month-long winter break.

It can be used as a time to spend with family, binge-watch Netflix and splurge on favorite home-cooked meals. All sound like a spectacular way to spend the Holiday, but what about a student health?

Karen Newton from the Department of Health Promotion articulates the best way a student can stay healthy during the break is to get some rest.

As much of a role as diet and exercise play in a student’s health, sleep tends to be the one most ignored.

“Sleep. If (students) have become sleep deprived during the semester, they should take the holiday time to regulate their sleep. Sixty percent of students are chronically sleep deprived,” Newton said.

Newton believes that students should eat vegetables, but live a little.

“Eat lots of veggies … eat tasty foods. Celebrate, but to enjoy food for what it is,” Newton said. “The more real the food, the better it will taste.”

Eating junk food leaves one hungry for more.

Jasmine Miles, a U of L student, said sleep over the break wasn’t much of a health priority compared to eating habits and fitness.

Miles tries to maintain her same schedule even during the break from classes.

“(I continue) to go to the gym and I meal prep, especially working at UPS. You don’t have the time so you have to make sure you prepare on the weekends,” Miles said.

Splurging on junk food or home-cooked meals isn’t much of a temptation for Miles.

“My family doesn’t really cook healthy, so I choose to cook my own food, but I will decide to have at least one cheat day, usually Saturday(s) of (the) break,” Miles said.

Miles stays in the same routine she has during the semester so she doesn’t get off track.

The U of L Smart Plate shows students meaning and healthy dining options, either during or after the semester.

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