Mon. Dec 10th, 2018

Brian Bowen will not play for Louisville

By Dalton Ray —

Men’s basketball five-star freshman Brian Bowen has been informed by the university that he will not be able to practice with or compete for the men’s basketball program.

Bowen will be allowed to transfer to another school or stay on scholarship if he decides to stay at U of L.

Interim athletic director Vince Tyra said Bowen has been very responsible ever since he enrolled in the summer.

“He has endeared himself to his teammates and the men’s basketball staff with a positive attitude during a very difficult period,” Tyra said.

U of L is currently under FBI investigation in a pay-for-play scandal. Bowen is named in the indictment as a player who was set to received payments organized by former assistant coach Jordan Fair.

Just after U of L announced Bowen will not play for the school, they announced they have terminated former associate head coach Kenny Johnson. 

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File photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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