U of L: stop digging deeper into the money hole

By on August 17, 2017
Grawemeyer hall, thinker, thinker statue, u of l, louisville, university of louisvilleGrawemeyer hall, thinker, thinker statue, u of l, louisville, university of louisville

By Megan Brewer–

U of L’s request to double legal spending was denied Monday  by lawmakers and rightfully so.

The lawyers were asking for an additional $600,000, saying some of the money could be used to sue former president James Ramsey and his administration. In other words, the university wants to overspend to punish Ramsey for overspending.

It’s hypocritical.

Ramsey and his administration should be held accountable for overspending, but not at this cost. U of L can’t take the hit for trying to punish Ramsey and his administration right now.

University lawyers asking for this extra money shows the university is not budgeting money correctly.

Instead of finding solutions to overspending, the university is finding ways to overspend.

While there is a chance suing Ramsey and his administration could get us back on track, there’s no guarantee.

U of L needs to focus on the concrete ways to make up for Ramsey’s overspending, not the “maybe’s” or “I hope so’s” from a court case against him.

The denial of the lawyer’s request should open eyes. The university shouldn’t fight for this approval, but find other ways to right U of L.

University lawyers focus should be the future. The first concern should be using university funds to get U of L out of the hole Ramsey buried us in.

U of L shouldn’t dig itself deeper into that hole by taking a chance in a court case against Ramsey.

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