The Louisville Cardinal

What the forensic audit means for students

By Megan Brewer–

The email students received June 8 titled, “MESSAGE REGARDING FORENSIC AUDIT OF THE U OF L FOUNDATION” is the beginning of U of L’s foundation rebuilding itself.

The extensive audit found hidden overspending and more under former U of L President James Ramsey.

What does this audit mean for students?

It means good things are happening. It may not seem like that considering the 132-page audit, but this is the start of the university putting this chapter in our rear-view mirror.

The ULF releasing the audit to the public proves its promise to be transparent from now on.

The ULF has already changed to push the university in a positive direction. These changes include banning the president of the university from also being president of the foundation, overhauling the entire board of directors, cutting spending and more.

There is more to come to help solve issues brought by Ramsey. The ULF could even take legal action against his administration.

It’s safe to say students can trust the U of L Foundation to keep students in mind and to deliver honest information. The foundation is doing everything possible to regain the broken trust.

As students, we should feel at ease with what’s going to happen in the next few years at U of L.