The Louisville Cardinal

What grinds my gears? March edition

By Dalton Ray–

Georgie Sook

The drama around Sook and The Cardinal began when there were rumors of her campaign receiving outside funding. When The Cardinal ran an article clearing her name, Sook’s posse went on Twitter and called the article “fake news.” Yes, that’s right. Her friends, who support her, claimed the article clearing her name of these rumors was “fake news.” Instead of breaking down why that’s false and an idiotic thing to say, let’s move on.

The SGA candidate was offended Vishnu Tirumala received The Cardinal’s endorsement over her. Sook claimed that the endorsement was campaign material for Tirumala. Sook then sued Tirumala in SGA court, wanting to take away two percent of the votes from Vishnu. If Sook had won the endorsement, this wouldn’t be an issue. But since she didn’t, Sook called foul and wants The Cardinal not distributed in certain areas of campus. Classic politics from someone who didn’t get her way.

Jeremy Ball

I’m all for people sticking up for their friends and the things they believe in. In one aspect, I respect Ball for standing up for Sook in his letter to the editor. On the other hand, sometimes you need to get called out for saying silly things.

In his letter to the editor, Ball said, “To shed context on the lawsuit mentioned, the question was not about what The Cardinal could write, but to what degree formal endorsements constitute campaigning, and where that material is allowed.”

Let’s say I’m naive enough to believe that. This question remains: Why was this not an issue until after she didn’t get the endorsement?

Later Ball said, “Where was the opinion piece when a candidate filed a lawsuit against Georgiana (a case later withdrawn) that sought to disqualify her for an infraction that did not happen?”

Hey, buddy, I have an idea: Write it.


I truly don’t believe SGA can make a real difference on campus. I see their cries of wanting more this or that on campus like a middle school class president calling for more pizza days for lunch or longer time in between classes. I would love for someone to show me what they have actually done for all students on campus and not just a small minority. When I asked what they actually do, I get “they have a seat on the board” or “they have so much money to spend on things.” Fantastic. Top notch. What do they actually do with it?

This is what makes Sook’s temper tantrum even worse. It truly means nothing. If Sook doesn’t win, she can’t act like she has power. That’s about it.

When people start packing up their things five minutes before class is over

When class is winding down, I don’t understand why people start to pack their things and make the most noise possible. When one person does it, there are at least four others that follow. Then three people take that as a sign to start talking so there’s a two-minute cluster of noise all because someone simply loves the feeling of putting their notebook in their backpack. Putting your things away literally takes 10 seconds, chill out.