Louisville bowl projections pre-championship week

By on December 3, 2016

By Mike Gilpatrick–

Finishing the regular season 9-3, Louisville football now awaits their bowl game fate. Before losses to Houston and Kentucky, it looked like the Cardinals would end up in the Orange Bowl. Now, there are many bowl possibilities for Bobby Petrino and his team.

SB Nation: Orange Bowl vs. Michigan

This is the bowl game that every Louisville fan wants to occur, but it seems to be wishful thinking now. Due to Florida State being ranked higher than U of L, the Seminoles will likely get the rod over Louisville.

Even though Louisville beat Florida State 63-20, the Seminoles finished the season 7-2 and are on a four-game win streak, including a 31-13 win over SEC East champions Florida.

CBS SportsSporting News and The Louisville Cardinal: Citrus Bowl vs. Florida

This game is the most common projection. The Big Ten is stacked this year as a conference and will likely take Michigan as its representative in the New Year’s Six Bowl. Because of this, an ACC team will play in the Citrus Bowl in place of a Big Ten team. Due to Virginia Tech losing two ACC games, Louisville is the third best ACC team in the rankings, and will go to the best non-New Year’s Six Bowl available.

Campus Insiders: Taxslayer Bowl vs. Tennessee

The Big Ten and ACC flip flop on which team plays in the Taxslayer and the Music City. Since the ACC played in the Music City Bowl last season, chances are there will be an ACC team in the Taxslayer Bowl this season.

247Sports and College Football News: Russell Athletic Bowl vs. West Virginia

The Russell Athletic Bowl is a more prestigious bowl tied in with the ACC. This matchup will be an interesting one, as both teams were at one time in the top 10 and hoping for a playoff berth. It would also re-kindle an old Big East rivalry.

This is the second most-likely bowl that Louisville will make. Typically, this is the first bowl that an ACC team will be selected to after the Orange Bowl selection. In years past, this bowl game has been the ACC runner-up or the second team in a division. Assuming Clemson makes the playoffs and FSU goes to the Orange Bowl, either Louisville or Virginia Tech will be in the Russell Athletic Bowl. Since two teams from the Atlantic division (Clemson and FSU) are in selection bowl games, the ACC runner-up (Virginia Tech) will play in the Athletic Bowl this season.

Photo by Laurel Slaughter / The Louisville Cardinal

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