The Louisville Cardinal

Letter to the editor: Trump and Clinton not your only options this November

By Lloyd Fowler —

The Republican Party started as a third party in 1854. Abraham Lincoln was one of four men who won electoral votes in the presidential election of 1860 as the first Republican president. The very party that Lincoln put on the electoral map is dying and must rid itself of Trump in order to restore itself. An even greater problem for the nation than a sickly GOP is the fact that Clinton and Trump are equally unacceptable candidates for the presidency. That is why it is appropriate for independents, Democrats and Republicans to vote third-party this election. Trump and Clinton must be stopped.

Evan McMullin represents many Americans who feel homeless in this election. No political party represents their interests and values. McMullin is an excellent choice this election and a viable candidate, demonstrated by the fact that he is tied in Utah with Trump and Clinton. McMullin will win electoral college votes as a third party candidate, which has not happened in almost 50 years. 

McMullin’s candidacy dispels the notion that we are limited to two choices for president. The “lesser-of-two-evil” mentality is how we ended up with these two historically unpopular candidates. We should be for our country and personal convictions over any party loyalty. It is time for Americans to free themselves from the two-party-ball-and-chain and to vote their conscience with principles in mind. As a conservative Republican, my party has imploded, and it has abandoned its conservative values, so why should it expect me to stay? Conservatives more than anyone have felt excluded from this election as we do not feel that either of the primary candidates truly represent us. We’re not alone, however; more and more politically moderate Americans feel left without decent options, too.

As American individuals, our vote is not guaranteed to one party just because we lean right or we lean left. The lesser-of-two-evils mindset entraps us into a political party that no longer represents us. Americans want to give their vote to a candidate who represents their values and beliefs; that is the candidate who truly earns their vote. The two major political parties pulled a Chernobyl by nominating two unfit candidates and made a dumpster fire for the world to view. The time for voting out of fear of the other candidate is over because we have other choices like the voters in 1860. Like those Americans, we as a people can capture a monumental election by voting for McMullin on Nov. 8. 

McMullin is deserving of your vote. He faithfully served our nation in the CIA, graduated from Wharton Business School and was a policy advisor in the U.S. House of Representatives. McMullin speaks to Americans’ desire for freedom and liberty. He understands the Constitution. Trump thinks there are 12 articles when there are actually seven articles, and Clinton believes she is above the Constitution. McMullin believes in the wisdom of the U.S. Constitution giving limited power to the federal government and he wants to give more power back to the States. Unlike Clinton and Trump, he is a man of integrity and character. He is a leader for the conservative movement who understands the limited role of government in our lives. Liberty increases when government overreach is checked. Both Trump and Clinton are big government enthusiasts who will undoubtedly generate damage through their policies and character. 

On commerce, McMullin backs free trade and understands how destructive closed borders and tariffs will be for our economy. On life, McMullin understands that both science and faith show us that life starts at conception and he will protect vulnerable unborn children. On healthcare, McMullin wants to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act because the cost of healthcare has increased, and he will replace it with a tax credit for families without healthcare through their employer. On poverty, McMullin wants to empower our neighbors with resources and assistance to get out of poverty and not merely survive it. On the Second Amendment, McMullin believes in our right to bear arms. On immigration, McMullin wants to secure our borders and create an earned pathway to citizenship for those who are here illegally. On education, McMullin will champion charter schools and innovation for a new century of learning. 

Character matters in a leader. Republicans are hypocrites for calling Bill Clinton to resign in the 1990s for lack of character and then choosing to ignore Trump’s equally bad character. Sacrificing principles for power is an atrocious and suicidal act. Clinton lies about her emails and Benghazi. She has made the world less safe because of her actions in Libya, Iraq and Ukraine as the former Secretary of State. Neither Trump nor Clinton is fit to lead from the basis of their character. What kind of example do we want our children seeing? Both Clinton and Trump are known liars. McMullin knows what is right and will do what is right, even when no one is looking. McMullin recognizes that racism is still a problem and he does not tolerate sexual assault, or anyone who excuses misogyny. 

Trump and Clinton cannot survive without the other’s dirt. Democrats, independents and Republicans alike are turned off by both of them. There is another choice in McMullin, one who truly represents Americans. He is on the ballot in Kentucky as the result of a grassroots petition drive. It is never too late to do the right thing, so vote McMullin for President.