Has the presidential election given you poll-paranoia?

By on October 24, 2016
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By Brooke Moody–

In this season of chills, horror and gore, it shouldn’t be surprising that more people tuned in to the third presidential debate than turned out to see “Ouija: Origin of Evil” on opening night.

The final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump garnered 71.6 million television viewers, and unfortunately, not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The vote for president is two weeks away and 81 percent of Americans polled by AP-GfK said they would feel scared if one of the two primary party candidates was elected. Nearly a quarter don’t care which candidate is elected, because they find both politicians as a frightening outcome.

For those who find both Clinton and Trump blood-curdling, remember, there are alternatives.

Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson made headlines back in September as the first Libertarian candidate to be on the ballot in every state since 1996. His respective Vice President running partner is Bill Weld. Johnson and Weld’s key stances on issues:

  • Regulation and taxes that incentivize job growth, specifically at the entrepreneur and business level.
  • Building a strong military and restored relationships with allies while abstaining from waging war for imperialistic policing.
  • Protecting religious freedom, yet fighting discrimination invoked in the name of religion.
  • Creating an immigration process that makes it simpler to enter the U.S. legally and promotes assimilation.
  • Ending the “war on drugs” and other unnecessary laws that targets minorities and the underprivileged. They also support a system that repair the relationship between law enforcement officials and the people they serve.
  • Enabling innovators, consumers and individuals to restore and protect the environment while the government creates a regulatory atmosphere that aids the aforementioned in preserving the planet for generations to come.
  • Eliminating the federal Department of Education and making the decisions regarding education state and local government controlled.
  • Respecting women’s right to choice in reproductive matters such as abortion. Though he personally believes in the sanctity of the unborn life, he supports that the government should not intervene with such decisions.

Evan McMullin, who is running as an Independent with his Vice President running mate Mindy Finn, is a conservative politician who was previously Republican. McMullin’s goal is to counter the extremism of Clinton and Trump, even though he has been in the presidential campaign for three months. McMullin’s and Finn’s key stances on issues:

  • Empowering local and state government.
  • Enhancing national security by reinforcing the nation’s military, through means of reforming the role of the Pentagon, bringing the ratio of troops to civilians back into balance and trimming extraneous costs while reinvesting into the troops.
  • Making tax codes more fair for small businesses and innovators, lowering income taxes and reforming entitlements.
  • Allowing for more access to charter schools in order to foster competition between schools, which would incentivize providing the best education. They also support rewarding well-performing teachers and creating greater accountability.
  • Increasing the responsibility of universities in terms of college debt as well as increasing awareness of and access to technical schools and work-based learning.
  • Increasing border security through manpower and technology, required implementation of the eVerify system, refocusing the priority of legal immigration on immigrants who are educated and creating a program that gives illegal immigrants the opportunity to earn permanent residency.
  • Improving law enforcement training and community involvement while reforming the justice system to lower incarceration for low-risk, non-violent crimes that targets the underprivileged as well as emphasizing community service, rehabilitation and reintegration in response to offenders.
  • Promoting environmental innovation and research, while at the same time rejecting the Paris Climate Agreement to lessen the financial impact of protecting the environment.

McMullin’s is currently on the ballot in 11 states and has confirmed write-in status in 31 states. The remaining eight states have laws that hinder writing in, though McMullin’s campaign encourages voters to do so anyways.

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  1. Robyn Dickman

    October 25, 2016 at 10:10 am

    There are definitely multiple options in this presidential election, but the only option that supports minorities (e.g. people of color, first-generation immigrants, women, LGBTQ+, the disabled, etc.) is Hillary Clinton.

    Donald, Gary Johnson, and Evan McMullin all have incredibly conservative platforms. None of these focus on support for minorities — only Hillary’s platform further minority rights’.

    THIS election is so, so vital to minorities because of the open Supreme Court justice position.

    To vote third-party or for Donald — is a statement that white, straight, cisgender privilege should continue, where anyone else that doesn’t have these qualities is a lesser American.

    So a vote for Hillary is the only option for American Equality — minorities are just as equal and important.

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